Barr Trail


Some scenes from Barr Trail.

The city of Manitou Springs has really been doing its dead-level best to ensure Manitou Springs isn’t a destination for Colorado Springs residents such as myself. They’ve levied outrageous parking charges to use the Incline and Barr Trail. My wife dropped me off at the trail head and came back to pick me up; I refuse to give that place any money voluntarily.

My complete dislike of Manitou Springs, however, doesn’t preclude an appreciation for the sights. This lone tree standing out on the slope made me wish I had my camera with me instead of only the phone.

And the cog railway went by below.

I didn’t get so far as 13 miles; but a hike to the summit is something I would like to do soon… If only I didn’t have to go through Manitou Springs to do it.


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