Cal-Exit? See Ya!

A small group of outspoken whiners in California has decided that the Republic of California should secede from the US. Their motto? California is a Nation, not a state.

Now, this probably won’t manage to get on the ballot, but it is happening in California; so it’s entirely possible. I’ve been hearing about this movement ever since Trump won the election; because there’s always talk of states seceding from the union when someone they didn’t like becomes president. Normally reason prevails; but, again: California.

When I first heard of this, my thought was simple: if this comes to a vote, the rest of the country should get to vote on it as well. Such an action would, after all, affect the country as a whole. And they’re a liberal enclave always teaching the whole is more important than the individual. For the record, I would happily vote to let California secede, taking its 55 liberal electoral votes with it. That’d save the rest of the country billions in federal aid as well. With a win-win proposition like that?

Buh-bye, California.


2 thoughts on “Cal-Exit? See Ya!

  1. SnapperTrx

    Ah yes, my home state. Always willing to shoot itself in the foot for liberal values. And what happens, pray tell, when CA becomes it’s own state and the millions upon millions of dollars that they receive in federal funding goes away? Doesn’t the current water situation that has dams breaking and people concerned about their homes being washed away say anything about the states priorities on allocating funds? How will they continue to provide welfare and support to the millions of illegal aliens here, and how will they provide it to all the NEW illegal aliens that leave neighboring states to become part of the new sanctuary country of California?

    Personally, I am planning on moving. To where I am not sure yet, but with CA taking the stance of being a sanctuary state I’m sure we will get another flood of criminal aliens, and I don’t want to live in that, or keep my wife living in that. We have one kid left in school, and after that, we are out, unless something changes.

    1. matt Post author

      Yeah… I have a lot of family there too; but even that’s not enough to convince me it should stay. Yes, I recognize there are economic advantages to having a coastal access; but those advantages have been consistently outweighed by the really poor political decisions for which the state is infamous.

      We’re talking of moving too; my wife’s been calling Colorado “Middle California” for years.

      Have you seen any traction on this?


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