So Long, Lumia 920


Wow, yesterday was quite a day. I knew my new phone was coming in; and I was going to be saying goodbye to my trusty Nokia Lumia 920. I’ve been using that phone since before my wife and I started dating; it’s almost older than this blog.

I snapped the above picture of the sunrise on my way out to the car to drive to work this morning. I’m commuting to Aurora for a job I love… but it started to snow up there in the morning. And it took me 3 and half hours to get home last night.

But I did get a Microsoft Lumia 950 and it takes pictures in RAW format… Oh the creative possibilities!


7 thoughts on “So Long, Lumia 920

  1. SnapperTrx

    Psh, lucky! I have been contemplating with sticking with Lumia or trying to go for an HP X3. Though pictures are not a huge factor for me the Lumia has such a great camera I really find it hard to give up, even for the processing power and extendibility of the X3 (it has a laptop attachment!). Happy with my Lumia Icon right now, though, it takes GREAT shots!

    1. matt Post author

      I was joking the other day during a UX meeting that I and my daughter are the only windows phone users… Apparently you’re among the elite as well. ☺

      1. SnapperTrx

        Ha, ha! Yeah. Surprisingly reports say that Windows phones only make up 2-4% of the mobile market, but I think it would be much higher if people would be more interested in their work than 1000+ fart sound apps. I love my Windows phone, but I have been using WinMobile for the past 10 years easy, maybe longer. Back in the day a Pocket PC was the way to go. Running Windows Mobile 3.1 with Word, Excel, Access, Internet explorer, before the iPhone was even a twinkle in Apples eye. I wont give up my WinPhone, and will probably have to buy a spare in case the market for the drops out and I need one.

        1. matt Post author

          It’s cool to hate Microsoft, and idiotic iPhones are trendy. And apparently, to some, having a plethora of fart apps is important to people; this country doesn’t understand quality over quantity.
          There are a few Android users who legitimately have to have an app that’s on their platform. But otherwise, I think it’s just ignorance of the product, biased tech reviews (this one is a biggie, and it’s pretty much unilaterally sworn me off tech “journalism”), and Microsoft hate.

  2. xmethx

    Just stumbled across your post, how did you find the 950? I just posted a review on my blog as to my experience. Spec wise it is still almost on par with phones only just being released but unfortunately there were to many problems with mine :/

    1. matt Post author

      Hi. Thanks for commenting. I do software dev and I’ve been an avid Windows Phone user since WP7… until the Lumia 950.

      I haven’t written about it, yet (and may not); but I have come to truly hate this phone. Part of it is the that I’ve come to hate the IDEA of the mobile phone (not just mine, but especially mine).

      But I hate Cortana — I even tried a phone reset to disable that annoying broad, and it’s still there, in the way. I hate that it hijacks my search string. Ie, if I search for ‘slippery’, it was returning results for “slippery elm” . The Cortana interference is a MAJOR reason I’ve come to hate my phone.

      I dislike the mail app, as you do. I also dislike that I can’t find a setting by searching for it (in either the app or settings search).

      Unlike, you, I do like the camera in general. That said, I had to make it write to the internal storage rather than the SD card because I take RAW and jpg format photos. It was taking ages to save, and it actually crashed the SD card a few times (requiring a LONG restart) before I just gave in and let it write photos to the internal storage. Oh, and the .DNG format doesn’t work with my old version of photoshop. So RAWTherapee to the rescue there.

      I also don’t have the problem of adding words to the dictionary: if you’ve typed a new word it doesn’t recognize, tap that word and it will show up with a +-sign in the suggestions. What I’ve noticed, though, is that sometimes if you’re in a hurry, it’ll add stuff you don’t want (like Im for I’m… frickin, really?).

      The hardware seems cheap; my Nokia-built 920 was like a great solid brick. I compared it to Saab before GM ruined them. The 950 is like Saab after GM ruined them.

      I’ve only installed a cycling app on this phone; the lack of apps in the Store doesn’t bother me at all since I don’t use them anyway. Mobile banking apps, for instance (something you mentioned in your review), are not something I’d use at all, really. I’m not on social media, I don’t blog from my phone, etc. So that part doesn’t bug me.

      Overall, I think the idea of Windows 10 is a decent one on the phone, but I think they went overboard in trying to ram it down our throats that they didn’t really capture what made Windows 8 Phones so awesome to use. (My WP 7/8 phones were the best phones I’ve ever used). But like you, I’m done with MS phones after this — not that there will be options later.

      Since I hate the leash of a mobile phone anyway, I’m eyeing a lower-spec’d Nokia 3 or 6 for the future. I’m not buying another flagship phone at all; and I’ve even seriously toyed with the idea of not having a mobile phone at all (to give you an idea of how much I hate the idea of having that stupid leash on at all times), before I remember my family’s situation tends to require it for now. But I’ll take any excuse to leave it at home.

      I’m going to add a link to your review, so anyone who’s reading the comments can see what we’re discussing:


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