So Long, Lumia 920


Wow, yesterday was quite a day. I knew my new phone was coming in; and I was going to be saying goodbye to my trusty Nokia Lumia 920. I’ve been using that phone since before my wife and I started dating; it’s almost older than this blog.

I snapped the above picture of the sunrise on my way out to the car to drive to work this morning. I’m commuting to Aurora for a job I love… but it started to snow up there in the morning. And it took me 3 and half hours to get home last night.

But I did get a Microsoft Lumia 950 and it takes pictures in RAW format… Oh the creative possibilities!


5 thoughts on “So Long, Lumia 920

  1. SnapperTrx

    Psh, lucky! I have been contemplating with sticking with Lumia or trying to go for an HP X3. Though pictures are not a huge factor for me the Lumia has such a great camera I really find it hard to give up, even for the processing power and extendibility of the X3 (it has a laptop attachment!). Happy with my Lumia Icon right now, though, it takes GREAT shots!

    1. matt Post author

      I was joking the other day during a UX meeting that I and my daughter are the only windows phone users… Apparently you’re among the elite as well. ☺

      1. SnapperTrx

        Ha, ha! Yeah. Surprisingly reports say that Windows phones only make up 2-4% of the mobile market, but I think it would be much higher if people would be more interested in their work than 1000+ fart sound apps. I love my Windows phone, but I have been using WinMobile for the past 10 years easy, maybe longer. Back in the day a Pocket PC was the way to go. Running Windows Mobile 3.1 with Word, Excel, Access, Internet explorer, before the iPhone was even a twinkle in Apples eye. I wont give up my WinPhone, and will probably have to buy a spare in case the market for the drops out and I need one.

        1. matt Post author

          It’s cool to hate Microsoft, and idiotic iPhones are trendy. And apparently, to some, having a plethora of fart apps is important to people; this country doesn’t understand quality over quantity.
          There are a few Android users who legitimately have to have an app that’s on their platform. But otherwise, I think it’s just ignorance of the product, biased tech reviews (this one is a biggie, and it’s pretty much unilaterally sworn me off tech “journalism”), and Microsoft hate.


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