How Much Does WordPress Suck?


From what I can tell, the answer is a lot. The above is a screenshot of how WordPress’s supposedly responsive web template skewed this poor image of the Meerkat from last week’s post. The number of annoyances in dealing with WordPress are adding up, and I’ve become increasingly less pleased with them.

I have the ability to do my own site with my own styling, hosted by my own service providers. Part of the reason I use WordPress is so I don’t have to worry about whether the post is mobile-friendly.

I was able to snag the css class from the images to add to my own image links, so I have a work around. But it’d be nice if WordPress wasn’t working so hard to make this platform useless.


2 thoughts on “How Much Does WordPress Suck?

  1. SnapperTrx

    It’s starting to become a pain just editing my pages. Most of the time the formatting doesn’t get applied to the text I am selecting and something as simple as creating a link can become an ordeal that lasts several minutes instead of a couple of seconds. I am currently looking at moving the website for my employer to WIX, and I am wondering if I should follow suit. The only thing that WordPress does for me that WIX wouldn’t is keep everyone subscribed to my page aware that I have posted stuff. If it weren’t for that I would likely never see traffic. C’est la vie, what can be done other than complain and hope they fix something.

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