Death of Courtesy

Initially, I was going to ask “What happened to the courtesy wave?” as a “Commuting Conundrum” post. You know the one: when people go out of their way to let you into their lane, you toss a hand up to say “thanks”. Yeah, almost no one does that any more.

But it’s bigger than that. Not content to simply let courtesy fall neglected by the wayside, we’ve waited for it to fall over and then we’ve savagely beat it to a bleeding gelatinous pulp. People take advantage of courteousness without a second thought: I can’t even count the number of times I’ve let someone in and then they slow down and instantly make me regret it.

Like this:

Had I known this idiot was going to block two lanes of traffic, and hold up all the other people trying to make the left, I probably wouldn’t have let her in.

But, it’s said, two wrongs don’t make a right. And as long as they didn’t put me into any danger, I normally let it go — it’s really not worth getting worked up over. And since I like my job — the reason I’m commuting again in the first place — dealing with the rude, self-absorbed and entitled general populace isn’t going to go away. Someone has to take the high road.


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