Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun

Standing as sentinel over Colorado Springs is the Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun. Built in 1037, it sits 8,136 ft (2479.9 m) on the side of Cheyenne Mountain.

Colorado Springs icon, Garden of the Gods, from the Shrine of the Sun:

On our last visit to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, we bought a membership so we can visit pretty much anytime we want — and took advantage of that opportunity only a couple of weeks after our last visit. So there will be more zoo animal photos coming up. Are you sick of them yet?

In May, there’s a run to the Shrine, a four-mile round trip from the zoo up to the shrine and back. I’m considering running it this year, but that’ll depend on how the next couple of months of training go.


5 thoughts on “Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun

  1. wolke205

    Der Lauf da hoch ist bestimmt sehr anstrengend. Da würd ich lieber gaaanz gemütlich gehen 😉 Sieht echt toll aus! 🙂

    1. matt Post author

      Ich denke, ich mehr Unruhe mit dem Lauf nach unten haben würde. Es ist schwieriger für die Beine. 😁


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