ES44C4 — BNSF 6599

Am Pueblo-Bahnbetriebswerk BSNF 6599, eine GE ES44C4, schaut strahlend aus. Ja, sogar mit den Schmutz und das Graffiti, ich denke, sie sehr schön ist.

At the Pueblo rail yard BNSF 6599 looks resplendent. Yeah, even with the dirt and graffiti, I think she’s pretty.


4 thoughts on “ES44C4 — BNSF 6599

  1. SnapperTrx

    Doggone it, I just went by Taft the other weekend and I saw a train going up the loop but didn’t have my good camera. I’ll have to keep it in the truck for next time! Great shots! Yes, there is a certain prettiness to them even with all the dirt and stuff. It’s a well-worn, traveled look.

    1. matt Post author

      I assume by “the loop” you’re talking about Tehachapi? I would like to do some rail fan photos there, for sure, at some point.

      You may want to be careful though… Though I only started shooting trains as a past time, it became a much bigger interest! 😁

      1. SnapperTrx

        Ha ha! Yeah, Tehachapi, I was there too! Was in too many places last week, sorry about that!

        No worries here, I have my hands full with my current hobby. Update coming up this morning, if your interested. Just watch my blog – it’s been hellish, but I will prevail!

        1. matt Post author

          I do get around to checking your blog out whenever there’s new content… At work, I actually have work to do, so I don’t have time to catch up with all the blogs like I used to do during the work day. For the record, I like this better, but it does mean I am often behind on stuff.


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