Mischfracht — Union Pacific 7135

Union Pacific heißt seine Lokomotiven mit andere Namen als ich weiß. Das Modelltyp von UP 7135 ist ein GE AC44CW. Mit es ist ein Paar EMD SD70Ms. Am Ende der Zug war Union Pacific 7773, eine GE ES44AC.

Ich schätze nicht zuviel Union Pacific als eine firma. Sie engagieren sich nicht mit seinem Fans, wie BNSF tun. Eh, seiner Verlust. Die Besatzungen der Züge obwohl… das ist ein Kapitel für sich. Fast die Besatzungen scheinen die Achtung zu schätzen.

Union Pacific calls its locomotives by other names than those I know. The model of UP 7135 is a GE AC44CW. With it is a pair of EMD SD70Ms. At the end of the train was Union Pacific 7773, a GE ES44AC.

I don’t think too highly of Union Pacific as a company. They don’t engage with their fans like BNSF does. Eh, their loss. The trains’s crews, though… that’s a different story. All the crews seem to appreciate the attention.


6 thoughts on “Mischfracht — Union Pacific 7135

  1. SnapperTrx

    “They don’t engage with their fans like BNSF does.”

    I didn’t even know this was such a thing. Does BNSF actively engage with fans, and if so, how? Are we talking models, t-shirts and the like?

    1. matt Post author

      UP has some things I’ve seen on Twitter, like contests and such; I guess this can be considered fan engagement.

      BNSF has the Friends of BNSF site, which is pretty cool. They sent me a calendar for this year. They’ve liked and re-tweeted quite a few of my photos on Twitter/Instagram. That seems pretty cool to me, and I appreciate it. I guess my UP photos aren’t up the UP standards to do any of that; maybe they just don’t do it as a corporate policy — I don’t know. But it’s really colored my impressions of the company.

      Maybe that clarifies it… ?

      1. SnapperTrx

        Yes, yes it does. So kind of like SPAM. They are all over it with ‘customer relations’. I guess its weirder that a potted meat product has ‘fan engagement’ than a railway company. 😀

        1. matt Post author

          It never occurred to me to look up SPAM. I had no idea they had good customer relations; but it doesn’t surprise me to learn they do. I’m not a fan of SPAM, though… 🙂

          1. SnapperTrx

            They have GREAT customer relations! And a museum! Which I must visit! But first, I must go eat some SPAM for lunch!

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