Words Just Can’t Describe

… how utterly, completely, pathetically, apocalyptically, staggeringly bad drivers are in Colorado. I’d like to point out that the road in these photos is merely wet. Not snowy, slushy or icy. Just wet.

I really think the solution to the bad-driver problem is to make driving a difficult thing to do again; make it require concentration, require learning how to control a vehicle… you know the fundamentals.

I could maybe understand (if not condone) this if it were this way only when it snowed or was icy. But they’re this bad when it’s dry too. And here’s an even scarier thought: these people probably aren’t even the worst drivers in the country. They’re just the worst that I have to deal with. Is it worse where you live?


2 thoughts on “Words Just Can’t Describe

  1. SnapperTrx

    I live in SoCal, so I wont even try to go in to the black hole of talking about bad drivers. You literally fear for your life every moment you are on the freeways in L.A. Between the bad drivers and the non-stop, 24/7, 365 day a year construction somewhere you pray for protection every time you leave and pray for thankfulness when you reach your destination.

    That being said, when I lived in Oklahoma, which was only for a year, we had a really bad freeze and I was shocked at how many Oklahomans were spinning out and sliding on the freeways while I, a dumb guy from CA, remembered what they taught us in driving school and made it down the freeway to work without trouble. Weird.

    1. matt Post author

      Yeah, I know… But my few driving experiences in SoCal shows that most of them do it that way.

      Not here. Yesterday (when I took those pics), I was heading out of Castle Rock (north) and was in the far left lane doing 65…. passing people who would normally be in that lane doing 90. No exaggeration. It’s infuriating, doubly so when it all comes to halt for no reason.

      I’m sure you have it worse; I refuse to consider living in California — the driving’s only one reason. I don’t even like visiting.


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