Crated is Closing

I got the following email from Crated:

We’re shutting down Crated. 
When Crated was first built, it had one mission: make it easy to buy, sell and discover great art. Over the past 3 years, we’ve built an amazing community of talented photographers, designers, and digital artists.

Since the launch of Crated, our sister company, CanvasPop, has shown remarkable growth. We’ve seen what people do with their printed photos and there’s an incredible opportunity for us to change the wall art industry through CanvasPop.

Due to this growth, we’re dedicating our energy to CanvasPop moving forward. Unfortunately, this means we can’t give Crated and its community the resources and attention they need. As a result, we’ll be shutting down Crated. July 31, 2017, marks the last day the site will be operational.

So if you’ve had your eye on anything at either of my Crated Galleries, you’ve got until the end of July to purchase. I haven’t really had a chance to check out alternatives just yet.

Train photos

Other photos (nature, animals, and artistic shots)


3 thoughts on “Crated is Closing

  1. wolke205

    Hast Du es schon mal mit Fotocommunity probiert? Ich war dort einige Zeit, aber nur privat. Nicht um Fotos zu veräußern. Etliche Fotografen machen es über diese Plattform. Keine Ahnung ob es das auch auf English gibt, aber Dein Deutsch ist ja sehr gut und Fragen wurden vom Support tatsächlich immer schnell und zufriedenstellend beantwortet! 😀


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