Russian Sage


6 thoughts on “Russian Sage

    1. matt Post author

      Thanks! I can’t claim credit for the plants; I suck at tending plants. Our apartment complex has quite a few of these bushes, cared for by people who seem to know what they’re doing; and it’s been a relatively wet summer, so they’re thriving.

      They look pretty awesome.

      1. SnapperTrx

        Yeah, I like these until they start to dry out and end up looking like a mess. I tend to let my wife deal with the garden, but there are a few plants I enjoy seeing when I pull up to the yard. Been a tough couple of years keeping things green with the water restrictions, but I think I finally figure it out this year! 😀

        1. matt Post author

          We’ve had restrictions here too, a few years ago; so I get that. I personally don’t think much of grass, plants — it all seems to me like a bit of an extravagance in (what is essentially) a desert.

          But nicely-maintained yards definitely look good. 🙂


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