Giving Chase — BNSF 8525

My wife and I were out for a drive yesterday; and as we crested the hill leading down into Palmer Lake, we saw this empty unit coal train making its way through the Greenland Open Space. It wasted no time: by the time we got to the road, it had cleared Spruce and was heading down toward Noe Road. I decided to leap frog it to try to catch it on the north side of Larkspur.

We made it, but just. I was pulling to a stop on a small rise next to the tracks and saw it making its way around the bend. BNSF 8525, an EMD SD70ACe was coupled with an SD70MAC BNSF 8801.



The three-DPU tail end of the train appeared. This is not a typical configuration for BNSF trains. They usually run four engines on their unit coal trains.


BNSF 9355 and BNSF 9030, a pair of EMD SD70ACes, and BNSF 6936, a GE ES44C4 bring up the rear.



4 thoughts on “Giving Chase — BNSF 8525

  1. Jessica

    Great shots! Those are better looking trains than the trains we have around here. Ours are all covered in graffiti and look like they’re about to fall apart, lol.

    1. matt Post author


      The trains here are no strangers to graffiti, and I’ve seen several that’ve seen better days (the EMD SD70MAC, the second engine, is one for sure).

      What’s the railroad out there? Norfolk Southern? CSX?

      1. Jessica

        Umm… good question. I should probably know that, right? Southern something? I’ll look it up and let you know!

        1. matt Post author

          Haha… no, I wouldn’t imagine there’s any reason for you to pay attention to them. In the Springs, there are so few railroad crossings, it’s easy to forget the trains even exist.


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