Snowy Palmer Lake



5 thoughts on “Snowy Palmer Lake

  1. SnapperTrx

    Not something we see often here in SoCal. Now, turn that snow into tons of smoke and we’re talking. Unfortunately….

      1. SnapperTrx

        Yeah, we are too far north to feel the effects, but I was in the area of Santa Clarita for work earlier today. East of Ventura, but also burning. Right next to Magic mountain. Lots of bad smoke. Suspicious that these fires start all around the same time, miles and miles apart.

        1. matt Post author

          I lived in the short notice evacuation back in 2012 during the Waldo Canyon Fire here in the Springs. The afternoon the fire broke into the Mountain Shadows neighborhood, I was watching it crest the mountains on that side of town. It’s eerily alive, fire.

          1. SnapperTrx

            Yeah. I remember when I was really young, maybe 4 or 5, we lived further South in Riverside, CA. One night my parents and I walked outside and the entire mountain a few streets over was burning. Its etched in my mind and it looked like a giant meteor had struck the planet (not that I thought that at the time, but thinking back). Its eerie to think about even now, the entire sky red, the heat, even from that distance. I would rather deal with fire over electricity, though!

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