BNSF 6598 (II)

On the south end of Monument, Colorado — further down the joint line, I caught up to BNSF 6598. This time, I waited for the end, and snagged photos of BNSF 7316, a GE ES44DC.





3 thoughts on “BNSF 6598 (II)

    1. matt Post author

      We live near the tracks, and I’ve spent a lot of time on a little hill overlooking the rails when I want to shoot trains but don’t want to go anywhere. I’ve seen people on the rails, paying no mind. I don’t think people understand how quiet trains actually are — they don’t seem as such; but they really are. Couple that with the nearly ubiquitous earbuds or headphones on people… well… We also have quite a bit of wildlife (deer, coyotes, etc) in our area.

      Rarely do trains blow their horns near our house, so when they do… I sort of expect to hear the squeal of brakes… 😐

      1. Rebel Girl

        We are near a track too. When we have company they always say how loud the horns were. We don’t even take notice of it anymore.


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