I’m Drawing Again

Or trying to, anyway.

This is a sentient plant monster I sketched out and colored with some markers. I’ve been playing Draw With Jazza videos and learning some cool tips from those. This is a first attempt at blending markers to get a sort of shadow effect and to get a sort of fuzzy plant stem texture.

Compare to my last posts on drawing.


2 thoughts on “I’m Drawing Again

  1. SnapperTrx

    Awesome! I sometimes see, on reddit, peoples drawing posts. “Day one”, meh. “Day 483”, like a whole other person was drawing. Practice really does make perfect, and I think a lot of people give up because they feel their work isn’t good enough, but all they are really doing is stopping their own growth.

    1. matt Post author

      Thanks! I’ve already seen some improvements in my stuff, but I still think a lot of it sucks. And of course, I’ve been telling my daughter that practice makes a difference… and now I’m facing that reality too.

      Most of what I’m tinkering with here is stuff I want to be able to hand over to a more competent artist at some point because I’m tinkering with an RPG-style game. So this would be one of the enemies… it’s fun, as I’m sketching them out, to imagine what they would be like to fight.


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