One of the recurring enemies from the Final Fantasy series.

This is just on sketch paper, so the blending doesn’t really work so well; but for a first attempt,”I’m happy with how to this turned out” (to quote Jazza). It’s a good baseline, anyway.


7 thoughts on “Cactuar

    1. matt Post author

      I like them too. I picked this one because I’ve been playing at FF XIII lately and was battling one. I thought, that looks simple enough to try to draw.

        1. matt Post author

          The worst ones were in VIII, I think. I have never had as hard a time killing those things as I did in VIII.

          Incidentally, I was already thinking about trying a Malboro… and maybe a Tonberry.

          1. SnapperTrx

            Oh lord, Tonberry. I hated those things in 11. You and your party would be wandering around some creepy ruins and you would hear that noise of one noticing you. Fun stuff! Looking forward to it!

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