Die Frühlingkunst Der Natur (IV)



6 thoughts on “Die Frühlingkunst Der Natur (IV)

    1. matt Post author


      Das verstehe ich in der Tat.

      Unsere Winter sind ein bisschen lau… Im Frühling ist, wenn das Winterwetter kommt. 🙂

      ZB: Montag war 21.1C. Gestern hat es geschneit. Heute ist das wetter warm(er) wieder… Dummes Colorado wetter.

  1. Pit

    Not quite springtime yet with you up there, isn’t it? But a beautifully serene picture.
    Enjoy your day,

    1. matt Post author

      Ah, it’s just how spring presents here. Spring in Colorado is a little schizophrenic, usually. There are more warm days than not. 🙂 Thanks for checking out the pics.

      1. Pit

        From what I know from my wife’s cousin in Denver, and from another blog, this time you’ve had snow fairly late, haven’t you?

        1. matt Post author

          Yeah, this year has been really mild. The relatively small amount of snow we’ve had has been gone relatively quickly, and temps have been high. I commute from Colorado Springs to Aurora for work, so I’m mostly okay with that in a day to day sort of manner… I don’t know what the snow situation has been up in the mountains, which is where we really need it anyway.


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