So-Called Professionals

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife employee that parked this truck was carrying a sidearm. Never mind the fact that the only reason a parks and wildlife employee should be armed is as a representative of an oppressive, authoritarian, fascist government, let’s ask an even more fundamental question:

If he couldn’t hit a target as large as a parking space with his truck, why should I have any confidence in his ability to properly use his sidearm?



3 thoughts on “So-Called Professionals

  1. Pit

    Very thoughtful! I totally agree. Another thought: if he doesn’t care about those markings, which are meant to help others to find a parking-spot, can we expect him to care about the law?

    1. matt Post author

      Good point, Pit. I have a low opinion of “law enforcement”/first responders (police, firemen, ambulance drivers) as it is (and this guy would fall in that category. I guess I took it for granted he’s apathetic about the law.


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