Year-End Wrap

I hope everyone’s had a great Christmas. We were in central Kansas visiting family, and I basically unplugged from almost everything while we were gone.

I have a few photos I took while in Kansas that I’ll be sharing in the near future. It’s becoming difficult to find hosting for photos. Microsoft dropped my OneDrive storage from 10Tb to 1Tb, so I started hosting my blog photos over on Flickr. Now they’re changing their tune from “Unlimited” to “1000”. It’s frustrating. That, coupled with my desire to unplug more from the tech-driven life, has got me thinking I may just download my images of Flickr and OneDrive, write them to DVDs, and store them that way. And I may try to archive old posts on this blog… assuming that’s still an option. WordPress as a platform has also become utterly hopeless and frustrating to use.

This year brought an end to a several-year streak of daily posting as I got tired of trying to juggle photos. The awesome bloggers I’ve built relationships with over the last few years while I’ve been doing this is the biggest reason I haven’t just shuttered this site. I’m more and more against social media the more I read and hear about how one-sided most of it is politically. But while I support and other social media platforms that are fighting the Silicon Valley Censorship Machine, I’m not willing to give anyone else access to that sort of data either.

I’m not sure what 2019 will hold for this space. I have been posting run write ups over on my running blog: Fat Guy Running I have a half marathon I’ll be training for this year, so you can follow along as I work on that.

Happy new year, everyone.


6 thoughts on “Year-End Wrap

  1. SnapperTrx

    It may not be of any interest to you but purchasing an office 365 license will put you at 1tb of space, iirc. It also gives you access to all the office software and yearly updates, etc. I need it both for work and home so 99$ a year isn’t so bad considering the price of outright buying office. I’d hate to see your pictures go, they are always very interesting.

    1. matt Post author

      Thanks for the info, but I actually already have an Office 365 subscription. I used to get 10Tb with that, but they changed it recently (I think I whined about it on here at some point).

      1. SnapperTrx

        Woah, 10 tb? I think I only ever had 1 tb and I’ve got a ton of stuff on there! Either way, I hope you stick around somewhere. 👍

        1. matt Post author

          Yeah, it was a while ago – and I never figured I’d need another hosting solution. But there’s money to be made, so screw the customer, you know?

          I”ll continue to post photos, but I am thinking I’ll retire/archive/make private/whatever the posts I have now so I can clean up the links.


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