Kansas Aviation Museum

We spent the week of Christmas in central Kansas with my brother and his family. Not only did we take advantage of their hospitality, we took the opportunity to use their place as a jumping off point for some exploring.

We arrived in Wichita with no plan. Over lunch we were checking the web for things to do, and came across the Kansas Avaiation Museum.

I was stoked to find this Boeing 727 was a part of the museum. Out of all the old commercial airplanes, the 727 is my favorite — and I’m actually pleased to have flown on one before they were retired.

But the awesome just kept on coming. Wichita is the home of a lot of aviation history including Stearman, Hawker, Beechcraft and Cessna. Boeing builds 737 fuselages there as well as parts of the 787 Dreamliner.

The museum has a great display of the history of Beechcraft and Cessna, as well as a really great collection of planes. In addition to the 727, they have a B-52, a KC-135, and a 737.

It was hands-numbingly cold the day we went, and I didn’t have the fortitude to stand in the cold and take pictures for more than a few minutes. But I’d eagerly recommend this place to any aviation nut.


10 thoughts on “Kansas Aviation Museum

    1. matt Post author

      Vielen Dank! Und ich wünche Dir und Deiner das Entsprechendes (? the same)… und die Zwerge, natürlich.

  1. David Pflieger

    I was unaware that Kansas had an aviation museum. Thanks for sharing!

    1. matt Post author

      It was pretty interesting, and I will likely make a return trip when I can, if only for pictures of the aircraft out on the tarmac.

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    1. matt Post author

      Definitely a lot of awesome local history there. I would like to go back, and we’ll be out there again soon; though I don’t know if we’ll get a chance to visit the Kansas Aviation Museum this trip.


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