Site Changes

I’m not renewing my domain name; it’s just not been worth the expense over the last couple of years. So on 19 April, this site will be available at:


7 thoughts on “Site Changes

    1. matt Post author

      Let me know, and I’ll make another update. I really don’t know what to expect from WordPress any more.

      1. SnapperTrx

        Yeah, I’ve considered just moving everything over to Minds, since they have social media type posts as well as Blogs, but their blogging capability is extremely weak and really needs an update. Also, I dont know if I could get any WP followers to visit since they still need to do something about blocking posts marked Explicit, like, completely, as in, “dont show a blurred image that you can still see what it is, just dont show the post, period”. Until that gets resolved I can’t recommend most people over there.

        1. matt Post author

          I didn’t realise they had a blogging-like platform. I thought they were basically a non-censored facebook alternative. Might have to dig deeper over there.

          1. SnapperTrx

            Yeah, along with Facebook like posts you can also create Groups that people can subscribe to and chat in, along with posts, and Blogs. They did and upgrade on their blogging maybe a year ago, but it has been kind of stagnant since then. Its not awful, but not very rich either.

          2. matt Post author

            You’re familiar with my content; is it incompatible with the Minds platform? I’m not overly interested in any social media elements; but WordPress sucks, and the platform is one of the biggest reasons I’m considering shuttering the blog in the first place.

          3. SnapperTrx

            I’m not sure what “compatible” means, but I follow a few really good photography guys who post nothing but their photographs, no political posts or anything like that. This guy is one of my favorite. No explicit content, just tons of great shots.


            I chatted with him a bit and, assuming he is telling the truth, he has a really neat history behind his photography and career. I enjoy everything he posts, though it looks like he might have stopped posting at the beginning of the year.

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