Tesla Fuel



9 thoughts on “Tesla Fuel

    1. matt Post author

      Uh.. not sure what you mean. Teslas are coal-powered cars; they’re owners just don’t want to acknowledge it.

        1. Carol Reamy

          I originally wrote Tesla fuel? Or wind towers? Meaning that the towers which are built from steal require coal for coking …again needing coal to provide the alternative fuel method. But auto correct changed it and no wonder it doesn’t make sense.

          1. matt Post author

            Ah… either way, they’re not nearly as eco-friendly as the owners think they are.

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  2. SnapperTrx

    Hrm, coulda just fueled them with a clean burning natural gas generation plant that spits out air cleaner than it goes in and takes up less than one square mile of land, but, you know, you don’t look environmentally cool if you do. 😎


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