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Lounging Lioness

At the risk of projecting human emotions onto an animal capable of its own thought, this lioness (I’m not sure which one it is) seems a little contemplative.



Aslan Resting

How is it that cats, no matter the size, still manage to look so regal, even when sunbathing?


There was a magpie in the lion enclosure this day, and I heard several people comment about the bird’s bravery. I think it’s indicative of how clueless about nature typical people are. I’m not saying that I’m some crazy outdoorsman or anything; but the fact that the lions are fed means they’re not going to hunt: they don’t have to.



Boma ruht sich königlich auf dem höchste Felsen in dem Gehege aus. Ich denke, er und seine Bruder Aslan fast drei Jahre alt sind. In freier Natur würde ihr Vater sie vom Rudel in diesem Alter verjagen. Sie sind von die Weibchen getrennt. Boma scheint wie beherrschender als Aslan.

Boma rests regally on the highest rock in the enclosure. I think he and his brother Aslan are almost three years old. In the wild their father would drive them from the pride at this age. They are separated from the females. Boma seems like the more dominant of the two.