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DNA Service Shared Data With FBI

Watch the video without all the Google Spyware on Hooktube.

When you use services like, do you actually think your data is secure? They weren’t the culprits in this case, but how often do you read about data breaches?


“Peer Reviewed” Means Nothing

Peter Beghossian’s papers have been mentioned a few times in the last few months, though I haven’t seen anything about it in the Mainstream Media outlets of course. So-called education is a tenet of the faith in the religion of social justice.

One particularly interesting ploy he used was to take sections of Mein Kampf and fill in some feminist/social justice buzzwords — it was peer reviewed and published. (You can watch the following video on a Google-free site):

Whether or not that’s an indictment of the supposed educated elite is your call.