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So Cold

It was pretty cold the night we went to the light show. So much so, that my wife observed: It’s so cold out here, this cow’s udders turned purple.


Der Garten der Götter

Meine Frau und ich spazieren zusammen am Abends. Normalerweise spazieren wir einem Weg um unsere Nachbarschaft. Der andere Abend haben wir zu der Garten der Götter spaziert. Ich habe diese Fotos mit mein Handykamera gemacht.

My wife and I walk together in the evenings. Usually we walk a path around our neighborhood. The other night, we walked to the Garden of the Gods. I took these pics with my mobile phone camera.


Today in the US is Thanksgiving, a holiday with roots in actions of gratitude and thankfulness. The apocryphal story is well known, I’m sure.

Gratitude and thankfulness should well be a part of our daily lives and not just something we idly pay lip service to during commercials and between courses of turkey and pie. I’m not going to preach or anything; I’m probably just as guilty of forgetting to be grateful daily as anyone else is. The less I care about what others think and the more I recognize how simply amazing my life actually is… well, it’s humbling.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Pikes Peak From Peyton


My daughter has joined cross country in her new school. Her first meet was in Peyton, a small community east of Colorado Springs. From there, I snagged a couple of pictures of Pikes Peak.

When we’re on our way back east or coming home from there, I see Pikes Peak rising up from the plains and I often wonder what the early explorers and settlers thought when they encountered it for the first time.

Also, I snagged a curtain of virga that indicates some serious precipitation to the south of where we were:

Trail Ridge Road (III)


The climb to the 12,183 ft (3713.38m) summit of Trail Ridge Road continued to give us some really impressive views.

And then it was a relatively quick descent back toward the timber line and Grand Lake on the other side of Rocky Mountain National Park. For reference, Grand Lake’s elevation is a mere 8,369 ft (2550.87m) and the elevation in Colorado Springs is (officially) 6,035ft (1839.1m).

Trail Ridge Road (II)


Above the 11,500ft (3505.2m) timber line on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park, views opened up rather a lot. There were no trees growing right next to the road to block the views. Apparently there are 11 miles of the 50 or so that are above the timer line. Congested traffic (so much for Rocky Mountain High, huh?) made it seem longer; and up here the turn outs were mostly full. Wendi snagged most of these pictures since I was driving:

Can you spot the lake?

At the end of July, there was still snow on the ground in places: