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The Difference

I’ve figured out what the difference between fretted and fretless bass: Fretless basses by definition don’t worry.


Go, Candace Owens, Go

Let ’em have it!

The complete bastion of hypocrisy that is Jerrold Nadler’s so-called Hate-Crime Hearing got an unexpected dose of reality when Candace Owens got her chance to speak. Check it out without Google’s Spyware: or with it:

Now, Nadler clearly wasn’t paying attention, as Ms. Owens points out. And where he’s completely wrong is that, as a member of Congress, an American citizen can actually refer to a sitting committee member as stupid. Despite what these would-be dictators think, Congress is subordinate to us, the People. It’s just more misrepresentation to suit the left’s view of themselves in the world.

I really appreciated the commentary from Anthony Brian Logan, and from Kevin’s Corner.

I don’t typically engage in hero worship, but this is part of why I really appreciate, respect and admire Ms. Owens.

Lemme Get This Straight

So for the last two and a bit years, the American main stream media has been pushing the fiction that there was foreign-state meddling in the 2016 election. And this was bad.

But now, this idiot thinks the solution to Trump is… foreign-state meddling in the election: America should allow other countries to vote in the 2020 election

I don’t really have the words to describe this level of stupidity and doublethink; but I also can’t resist the temptation to point out the complete stupidity and hypocrisy evident in the leftist-media’s insanity.

I learned about this from Dave Cullen at Computing Forever. You can watch a Google-Spyware Free version on Hooktube. Or support alt-tech by watching it on Bitchute. If you’re the type to like and subscribe to channels, his is a good one.

I can’t recommend enough you use one of the alternatives above, but I’ll provide this for your convenience: