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Why the Second Amendment Matters

The Government is the enemy of the People. It’s that simple. The 2nd Amendment exists to ensure the people have protection against a tyrannical government. So-called Law Enforcement Officers are not out there to protect you; they are on the streets as agents of tyrannical government. Government doesn’t respect or protect the rights of the People at any point: It is in their own best interest to have as few armed citizens as possible.


Colorado Springs Police Officer Hits Pedestrian

I’ve mentioned before that I think very little of first responders: police, firefighter, and ambulance drivers. This is a group of highly-entitled people particularly convinced of their own superiority, and full-on believers of their own press. They think they’re heroes simply by the nature of their jobs. The incompetence is maddening and mostly pervasive.

Since the law dictates the mortals get out of their way when they’re on the road, they have no driving ability. Just yesterday, I watched an ambulance driver essentially bully his way through an intersection. And then I came home to find this story in the Colorado Springs Gazette: Woman hit by police cruiser while crossing downtown Colorado Springs street.

Way. To. Go.

The reason this sort of thing infuriates me isn’t a product of an attitude against authority. These people should be held to a higher standard. I should be able to look to the members of the police or fire departments and think they’re professionals. But they’re not. And it’s this attitude despising incompetence that causes me to have such a low opinion of first responders.

I understand accidents happen. But I’m paying attention. I’ve seen ambulance drivers cut off people and do utterly stupid things on the road. I’ve been one of the ones cut off by an AMR driver who doesn’t understand how to drive. I’m paying attention on the roads, and I’ve seen many idiotic and dangerous acts of stupidity by people sporting “fire fighter” plates. It’s obvious they’re incompetent.

They’re certainly setting examples, but they don’t seem to know or care that it’s not the one they think they’re setting.

Regarding SC State Trooper Sean Groubert’s Shooting Unarmed Civilian

South Carolina State Trooper Sean Groubert.  (Image © SC Dept. of Public Safety)

South Carolina State Trooper Sean Groubert. (Image © SC Dept. of Public Safety)

I’m only going to point out a couple of things about this officer-involved shooting in South Carolina.  Regular readers know I’ve gone before into the jack booted thugs using poor judgment with their weapons, they routinely violate constitutional rights, and I think the local constabulary is more likely to kill you than a criminal is.  It’s already been established, then, that I’m highly suspicious of the Gestapo calling itself (with a straight face, no less) Law Enforcement.

What is surprising to me about this case is that Gestapo Agent State Trooper Sean Groubert was fired, that he faced any punitive actions at all.  Even more surprising is that he’s facing felony charges as well.  As the article states, Police officers are rarely charged in South Carolina.

The video shows a trigger happy Gestapo Agent State Trooper firing on a man who is complying with his instructions.  And while that’s frightening, there’s something worse about the situation, and I bet most people skip right over this:  at around 28 seconds into the video, after firing four shots at Levar Jones, the trooper has to ask “are you hit?”

He didn’t know if he’d hit is target.

This to me seems to be the scariest of Groubert’s mistakes.  This happened in the car park of a gas station, and you can see there are other people around, some of them are downrange from Groubert as he fires across at Jones.  He’s not sure he’s hitting his target and he’s obviously oblivious to what’s behind it.  The article states that at one point, Groubert was awarded the State Patrol’s Medal of Valor Award for actions in protecting the public.  I think this blatant endangering of the public sort of cancels that out.

Groubert will likely get off lightly in a state that rarely charges and prosecutes it’s Gestapo.  This is the sad reality of situations like this.  His scumbag lawyer has already trotted out the “officer safety” line, that worn out justification that all police officers use to get away with their particular incidents of brutality against the public they’ve forgotten they work for.  And as the video shows, Groubert wasn’t particularly concerned about the safety of others as he gunned down Jones.

Levar Jones isn’t the only one who hopes his shooting leads to changes in how police officers treat suspects.  Ideally, the constitution that guarantees the rights of the people against the government would be enough to keep things like this happening, but police officers feel they don’t have to follow the constitution.  Which means that any interaction with a police officer could end up like this.  Groubert needs to spend a lot of time in jail for this.