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An Encounter with an Asshole

While we were on our way up to Denver yesterday, we wound up dealing with a typically pea-brained, possibly inbred, certainly idiotic road rager. He looks like this:

He was driving a grey Ford F350 with no tailgate and a Colorado license plate: DMT-709

We saw this simpleton driving his ludicrous truck in Sedalia, Colorado; he turned onto Highlands Ranch Parkway after running his suck at the stoplight. As soon as he tried to run me off the road, I’d already called the Douglas County Sheriff’s office; so it was in their hands at that point.

Given the number of idiots and stupid driving incidents I witness on a given day, I’ve often toyed with starting a website called Asshole Drivers Of where people could post stuff like this and the “Of” part of it is where ever they’re from. I don’t think shaming works, but sometimes you just need a place to vent. For instance, this guy is an impotent passenger in his own life, and is therefore an asshole wherever he goes. He’s not going to change, but at least anyone in the area can keep an eye out for him.

Idiots. They’re everywhere.

An Intelligent Person Would Say…

FBI Director James Comey was quoted this week as saying

“It makes me mildly nauseous to think that we had an impact on the election.”

An intelligent person would say: It makes me nauseated to think…

Though, considering Strunk and White’s Elements of Style

Nauseous. Nauseated. The first means “sickening to comtemplate”; the second means “sick at the stomach.” Do not, therefore, say “I feel nauseous,” unless you are sure you have that effect on others.
–Strunk and White, Elements of Style

… perhaps he was correct in his choice of words after all.

source (And speaking of nauseating, that’s a link to CBS. Click at your own risk).

Tit For TAT

I saw this in the April issue of Aviation News, and I laughed. The caption reads (in the passive voice, no less) TAT was bought by British Airways and this F28-1000 is seen wearing the latter’s livery in 1994.. When I saw it, I immediately wanted to know: Did BA pay a tit for TAT?

Ich habe keine Ahnung, wenn dieser Witz auf Deutsch arbeitet. Sie können mir einen Kommentar schreiben, wenn Sie denken, ich dumm bin! (Oder zumindest, dass meine Übersetzung ist Mist). Abgemacht?

Ich habe dies in der April-Nummer von Aviation News, und ich gelacht habe. Die Überschrift sag (doch in der Leideform): TAT wird von British Airways gekauft, und dies F28-1000 wird die Beschriftung der letzte in 1994 tragen gesehen. Wann ich es gesehen habe, sofort ich habe zu wissen gewollt: Hat BA eine Wurst für Wurst gezahlt?

A Question of Ethics

I woke up early yesterday morning with a question on my mind.

If a company were to invent an insecticide that was not directly harmful to humans and the surrounding plant life; but wiped out mosquitos and their larvae, would you use it? Should you use it? What would the implications of something like that be?

How to be American

1. Never Be Without Your Burger

Sort of speaks for itself.

2. Never Miss An Opportunity to Sue

It turns out the Entire Store was indeed more than 12.99. When I offered to buy the store — as an investment property — she wasn’t interested. I made vague threats about false advertising, and my attorney will do the rest… not forgetting to mention the anguish (both mental and otherwise), whiplash, deep embarrassment or any other thing I suffered that will eventually increase the settlement amount of my lawsuit.

3. Always Advertise with Sexual Innuendo

’nuff said.


Weekends will be spent worshipping the great god Consumerism — because everything you bought last weekend is now out of fashion and needs to be replaced. The Economy depends on it, after all; and saving is for losers.

Obligatory Legal Disclaimers/Fine Print (because “Murica”)
Author (hereinafter “I”, “we”) assumes no liability if reader (“you”) has little understanding of humorous concepts or tongue-in-cheek; or if you have undergone any medical procedures such as humorectomy or religious conversion to liberalism that precludes your enjoyment of levity and/or other humorous applications of observation. We also don’t care if you’re “triggered”, “offended”, or otherwise put out: grow up and learn what ‘freedom’ means. We would have wished you a nice day, but our lawyers suggested it wasn’t a good idea.

The Only Logical Conclusion

So a few years ago, my wife and I wrote about the struggle Kimber Begano was going through after coming forward with her claims of being sexually assaulted by the football coach at Trinidad High School and the school district’s response. These articles are still among our most read, and have given this blog the coveted first search result for “Randy Begano” and “George Dasko” on Google.

In civilized societies whenever you see accusations like that in the news, the teacher is dismissed — the accusation alone is enough to warrant an investigation; but Trinidad has its Good Old Boy Network in full swing, and — well, it falls to people whose consciences are not seared and broken (or missing altogether) to do something about it.

So after an investigation by the Office of Civil Rights, Kimber’s claims have been validated.

The court acknowledged that Kimberly Begano’s testimony regarding the sexual relationship was credible…

In January 2014, Trinidad police forwarded its investigative report to the district attorney, who determined that Kimberly Begano’s complaint against the head football coach was time-barred and no charges would be filed.

The head football coach was then taken off administrative leave and later resumed his coaching duties.

Kimberly Begano also brought her case to the school board in May 2014, requesting that it direct the district to conduct an investigation into her claims.

One school board member told OCR that he attempted to discuss the issue “but two senior board members didn’t want to hear it.”

“I was very disturbed by the fact the administration and board chose to protect coaches and their friends rather than the children.”

What’s interesting is the response from the school district’s official, Bill Cordova. Among all the fluff was this gem: “the investigation found insufficient evidence that the District retaliated against the complainant.”

You know, because that’s the important thing.

Which leads me to believe that while the students of Trinidad schools ride to school in something like this:

Most of the school board, the police chief and district officials ride to work in something like this: