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Freedom or Security?


Life Hacks: Get the Police to Respond Faster

You know when you have one of those little fender benders, no one is hurt, and no one’s really upset; and it takes forever for the police to show up to do the paperwork?

You want the police to show up faster? When you ring the dispatcher, tell them there’s a car parked illegally. Revenue generation is the one of two non-food-related motivations the police respond to.

When they show up to ticket the illegally parked car, you can say it took off. “Oh, but since you’re here…”

An Encounter with an Asshole

While we were on our way up to Denver yesterday, we wound up dealing with a typically pea-brained, possibly inbred, certainly idiotic road rager. He looks like this:

He was driving a grey Ford F350 with no tailgate and a Colorado license plate: DMT-709

We saw this simpleton driving his ludicrous truck in Sedalia, Colorado; he turned onto Highlands Ranch Parkway after running his suck at the stoplight. As soon as he tried to run me off the road, I’d already called the Douglas County Sheriff’s office; so it was in their hands at that point.

Given the number of idiots and stupid driving incidents I witness on a given day, I’ve often toyed with starting a website called Asshole Drivers Of where people could post stuff like this and the “Of” part of it is where ever they’re from. I don’t think shaming works, but sometimes you just need a place to vent. For instance, this guy is an impotent passenger in his own life, and is therefore an asshole wherever he goes. He’s not going to change, but at least anyone in the area can keep an eye out for him.

Idiots. They’re everywhere.

The Only Logical Conclusion

So a few years ago, my wife and I wrote about the struggle Kimber Begano was going through after coming forward with her claims of being sexually assaulted by the football coach at Trinidad High School and the school district’s response. These articles are still among our most read, and have given this blog the coveted first search result for “Randy Begano” and “George Dasko” on Google.

In civilized societies whenever you see accusations like that in the news, the teacher is dismissed — the accusation alone is enough to warrant an investigation; but Trinidad has its Good Old Boy Network in full swing, and — well, it falls to people whose consciences are not seared and broken (or missing altogether) to do something about it.

So after an investigation by the Office of Civil Rights, Kimber’s claims have been validated.

The court acknowledged that Kimberly Begano’s testimony regarding the sexual relationship was credible…

In January 2014, Trinidad police forwarded its investigative report to the district attorney, who determined that Kimberly Begano’s complaint against the head football coach was time-barred and no charges would be filed.

The head football coach was then taken off administrative leave and later resumed his coaching duties.

Kimberly Begano also brought her case to the school board in May 2014, requesting that it direct the district to conduct an investigation into her claims.

One school board member told OCR that he attempted to discuss the issue “but two senior board members didn’t want to hear it.”

“I was very disturbed by the fact the administration and board chose to protect coaches and their friends rather than the children.”

What’s interesting is the response from the school district’s official, Bill Cordova. Among all the fluff was this gem: “the investigation found insufficient evidence that the District retaliated against the complainant.”

You know, because that’s the important thing.

Which leads me to believe that while the students of Trinidad schools ride to school in something like this:

Most of the school board, the police chief and district officials ride to work in something like this:

The Worst Thing About Freedom

I don’t often write about politics here anymore. It’s not that I’m any less opinionated than before. But I’ve found that writing about politics is pointless and only leads to unhappiness. I present for your consideration: The Liberal Media. Talk about an unhappy group of people. They’ve sold out completely to the Newspeak Nonsense that is political correctness, and are trying to shove their religion of liberalism down the throats of everyone else because misery loves company. The inherent hypocrisy involved in all the many disparate convoluted avenues of the liberal lunacy clearly drives people to insanity.

Think that’s an exaggeration? Examine this insanity: In less than a week, this Laughingstock-of-the-World Nation will be headed to the polls, and most people will vote for an idiot. (Probably all of us will, since only an idiot would actually want to be president. But I only really researched the candidates for whom I would conceivably vote, so I can’t say with utmost certainty that all the candidates are idiots). The two major-party Not-Options are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. If you don’t believe that ├╝ber-liberalism generates insanity, read that last sentence again.

One angle of the insanity that’s pervaded this society presents Hillary Clinton as a viable candidate, despite the fact that she’s neither qualified nor equipped for the gig. The response to the insanity is the Newtonian Equal and Opposite Reaction Response: Trump. We’ve been calling them “Clump” in the House of Reamy because there is no discernible difference between the two. None. All the petty partisan bickering between supporters of either, are basically arguing the reasons why one is less-unqualified relative to the other. Neither side seems to be arguing why we should vote for its candidate or why its candidate is actually capable or qualified for the role they’re seeking.

That’s insanity. There’s no other word for it.

I understand that options for presidents have progressively become worse ever since George Washington left the job, and that they’ve tanked over the last several elections; but this is scraping beyond the bottom of the barrel. Both major parties in America have dug through the Dog-Waste bins to pick the worst, most disgusting, despicable candidate they could find.

The worst thing about freedom is the responsibility that comes with it. The people of this country have fully embraced their irresponsible selves with this goat rodeo; they refuse to be responsible for themselves and their freedom, and it’s come to this: both major parties are fielding dictators. Petty, immature, entitled dictators.

If you want change, you’re going to have to grow up, accept responsibility, and do something different. Start by making informed decisions when you vote. Don’t vote against a candidate; how unutterably idiotic is that? Decide what your values are and then vote for someone who has values that line up with yours. If you don’t have any values, don’t vote. The Republican and Democrat party are the same. There’s no difference between them.

It’s time for a competent president.

No To Tyranny

How do you know if a person is unqualified for public office?

He’s running for one.

The US has a serious problem in this 2016 presidential election: No one currently running for the office is qualified to do the job. Now, this isn’t something that stops people from becoming president. Lincoln, Grant, both Roosevelts, Truman, Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Bush, Clinton, and Obama weren’t or aren’t qualified to do the job, but that didn’t stop any of them from getting the gig. It’s apparently an American tradition to set the bar as low as possible for a presidential candidate and then vote for the one that can slither under it.

However, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are so apocalyptically unfit for the office in a way that makes even Lincoln’s dictatorship seem reasonable. They’re not even two different sides of the same coin, they’re the same side. Everyone already knows the list of crimes both these worthless sacks have committed, yet no one seems to care. On one hand, you have the Party of Hate yelling that it’s time for a woman president; and on the other, you have the Party of Hate yelling it’s time for change. Hey, I don’t disagree it’s time for a change; but I’d like to think that change should be for the better. And if a change for the better came in the form of a woman who was willing to put up with the world’s worst job, I’d vote for her.

Neither party’s voters is even voting for their own candidate as much as voting against the other party’s candidate. So even the people voting for these worthless candidates don’t actually want that person in the white house; they just want to have the other person in there less. That’s idiotic and a bad formula for picking the next dictator leader of your country.

Do you ever wonder if England looks at this mess and thinks Whew! We dodged a bullet there!?

I never planned to vote for Trump; but to be perfectly honest, I never expected that he would become the Republican party’s candidate in the first place. The Republican party started off with a great collection of possible candidates. Rand, Cruz, Rubio… I could have supported any of them. I sure as hell won’t support the angry Oompa Loompa. Not a chance. The Trump bandwagon knows it can’t win against that miserable waste of flesh Hillary (how sad and pathetic is that?), and has resorted to threatening conservatives that it’s Trump or nothing. If you don’t vote for Trump, you’re voting for Hillary.

No. It’s not that at all. Voting for either is a vote for tyranny. And perhaps now you can understand why I’m writing this today, Independence Day: I refuse to vote for a tyrant. I may be among a small group of conservatives against which the hatred from both parties grows. I understand my vote probably won’t prevail against the tides of stupidity. I’m sure someone unqualified and unwanted by the people that voted against the other guy will be in the oval office come January. I’m okay with that. I’m less okay that I’ll be living in even more a dictatorship than I have been this point. I understand I’ll still be a slave to the lunatic religion of the Liberal Left, with all its double standards and inconsistencies and absolute hatred of everything. But I’ll be a slave with a clear conscious: I’ll have actually voted for my candidate.

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.


I recently saw this article entitled showing how much money you need to live comfortably in the 50 biggest cities. There were a couple of interesting things I noticed as I flipped through the slides, but the thing that jumped out at me the most is that the most expensive cities to live are usually the liberal/”progressive”/left-leaning cities:

  • San Francisco: $119,570
  • Boston: $84,422
  • Washington, DC: $83,104
  • New York: $87,446
  • Los Angeles: $74,371
  • Denver: $62,842
  • Portland: $60,195

One the one hand, this isn’t in any way surprising. Safe Zones Cities full of liberal, whining lefties are likely to accept high taxes and all the other dangers of living among other whiny liberals. I’m sure they think it’s a fair price to pay for never having to have their ideas challenged or threatened by reality. They can sit among their own kind and screech at the rest of the world that’s so offensive, racist, and any other -ist or anti--ist or whatever they’re always crying about when they don’t get their way. And fortunately for me, I don’t ever plan to live in any of those places (again, in the case of Denver — though we didn’t live in Denver itself).

I can’t really fathom what they’re always on about because I have a brain and can think and can choose to not be offended at literally everything! I can even *gasp!* choose not to be offended at all.

On a related note, there have been more fast-food “protests” recently where the people who normally would be messing up your order are out complaining that they’re not getting $15/hour to do so. They claim they “deserve” this rate; that their work entitles them to this rate. It’s utter nonsense, of course. They’ve proven they don’t deserve the minimum wage they’re making now because they’re not, you know, working when they’re out in the car park holding signs.

Personally in our family, we’ve eliminated almost all fast food from our diet. We were pretty discriminating to begin with, but since this “fight for 15” BS started, we’ve aggressively cut back on the fast-food places we spend our money. Which is something these short-sighted whiners can’t grasp because they don’t have the capability to think about it: I have to find value in the product they’re selling. And I already feel there’s no value in places like Taco Bell and McDonald’s. There will be even less value for even more people once the price of this poison shoots up to cover a $15/hour “living wage”. Whatever that is.

Okay, so liberal hypocrisy isn’t hard to find. It’s like swatting at nothing: it’s guaranteed you’ll hit it. But looking at the numbers, I simply can’t understand how liberals function. They (liberals) think this “fight for 15” helps the fast-food worker (it doesn’t), but they’ve also managed to making living in these safe zones places too expensive for these fast-food workers. Even if they got the $15/hour they don’t deserve, fast-food workers wouldn’t be able to afford to live in any of those liberal strongholds. Assuming the typical 40-hour work week, $15/hour is $31,200 per year.

Here’re the differences between what the study says they need to live comfortably and what they’d be making. In all but one city, the difference is already more than their proposed yearly income would be:

  • San Francisco: $88,370
  • Boston: $53,222
  • Washington, DC: $51,904
  • New York: $56,246
  • Los Angeles: $43,171
  • Denver: $31,642
  • Portland: $28,995

Understand I’m not arguing against paying people what they’re worth; I absolutely think employers need to pay people what they’re worth. (I also think sometimes the minimum wage laws mean people get paid more than what they’re worth).

Here comes a not-so-secret inconvenient truth:

You usually know what rate you’ll be getting when you accept a position.

This is true for nearly everyone in nearly every position. If you don’t like the terms of the offer, don’t accept it. You don’t need a college degree to work in fast food — you don’t even need a high-school diploma. If you have either of those, you should presumably have the ability to understand what I’m saying. If you accept the terms of employment, you have nothing to complain about. If women don’t like the supposed wage gap, they don’t have to accept the offer. It’s as simple as that.

We live in an (ostensibly) free country. You don’t need a passport to move between states or cities. If your costs of living are higher than your income, move. You can do that. You’re allowed to do it.
I know it’s easier to sit around and whine, but that solves nothing. Quit whining, and make the change. Be responsible for your own self and your own future. I know it’s very scary, little liberal, but once you do it enough, you’ll learn how to think for yourself.

Good luck.