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Leftist Ideology as Religion

I’ve been saying this for years, but I think it’s starting to become apparent to more people. I don’t agree with everything Tim Pool says — he’s far more willing to give the left the benefit of the doubt. I’m too skeptical of totalitarianism to think they’re doing it inadvertently.

But I appreciate Tim’s insight, and I really liked this video. Check him out.

Watch it on HookTube to strip out Google’s Big Brother nonsense.


What North Korean Defectors Think of North Korea

I came across these videos this morning, and thought they were interesting. I’m staunchly anti-authoritarian, and vehemently anti-communism. These were fascinating to watch.

Why the Second Amendment Matters

The Government is the enemy of the People. It’s that simple. The 2nd Amendment exists to ensure the people have protection against a tyrannical government. So-called Law Enforcement Officers are not out there to protect you; they are on the streets as agents of tyrannical government. Government doesn’t respect or protect the rights of the People at any point: It is in their own best interest to have as few armed citizens as possible.