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BNSF 7518

I know how conceited it sounds to admit I was rather impressed with how my photos of BNSF 7518 turned out the other day. I was looking at my post and I thought: I wonder how this would look in black and white. Okay, that’s a lie. I was thinking: Wow, these turned out great! I wonder how this would look in black and white.

I do think there’s something special about black and white photographs of trains. I don’t just mean of old steam engines, either; I think these diesels have some character in black and white too. The only thing is, we lose the brilliant orange livery of BNSF.


Coal Train — BNSF 6115

It’s been a bit since I’ve gone out to get train pics. It seems life has become rather crazy of late, as it tends to do.

But I caught a northbound, empty coal train; led by a pair of GE ES44ACs: BNSF 6115 and BNSF 6121.

A close up of the front of BNSF 6115

BNSF 6115 and BNSF 6121 pass my position going north

I took a few steps back to try to get a slightly different perspective on the line of empty coal hoppers:

a seemingly endless line of empty coal hoppers

A third GE ES44AC, BNSF 6084, and an EMD SD70ACe, BNSF 9040, bring up the rear of the train. I kept the positioning further back to try to capture a slightly different angle of the engines at the back of the train.

BNSF 6084 and BNSF 9040 bring up the rear of the train

BNSF 6084 and BNSF 9040 bring up the rear of the train

Oil Train — BNSF 8480

Thursday afternoon and the typical crap traffic out of Castle Rock means I was on the frontage road. I came across this unit oil train heading south. BNSF 8480 and BNSF 8781 (a pair of EMD SD70ACes) turned out to be the lead engines on this train, while CREX 1214 and BNSF 5904 (a pair of GE ES44ACs) had drawn DPU duty.

CREX 1214 and BNSF 5904 on DPU duty south of Castle Rock, CO

Kohelzug — BNSF 9787

Letzte Wochenende habe ich mein Rad auf die Luftwaffe-Akademie gefahren. Es gibt einen kleinen See entlang dem Wanderweg, und die Eisenbahn geht neben dem See; es gibt auch ein Bahnanschlussgleis da. Ein leeren Kohlezug war am Bahnanschlussgleis, und BNSF 9787 (EMD SD70MAC) hat mit BNSF 6313 (GE ES44AC) am Ende es gesessen.

Last weekend, I rode my bike through the Air Force academy. There is a small lake along the trail and the railroad tracks go along side the lake; there’s also a siding along there. An empty coal train was on the siding, and BNSF 9787 (EMD SD70MAC) sat with BNSF 6313 (GE ES44AC) at the end of it.

Maintenance Train — BNSF 4338

BNSF 4338, a GE DASH 9-44CW, leads BNSF 738 (also DASH 9-44CW) and BNSF 7566 (GE ES44DC) in a trio of DC-powered engines. They were pulling a load of concrete railroad ties north. There has been some maintenance going on north of Colorado Springs on the joint line, do no doubt these ties are already laid and doing their part for the railroad.

As you can see from the above shot, the signal doesn’t light up when traffic’s going north, since they’ve switched over to the PTC signal. It makes catching these northbound trains a little trickier.