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Borrowed Power — Kansas City Southern 4038

KCS 4038 (EMD SD70ACe) sitzt mit BNSF 7160 (GE ES44DC) im Pueblo-Bahnbetriebswerk.

KCS 4038 (EMD SD70ACe) sits with BNSF 7160 (GE ES44DC) in the Pueblo railyard.


The Grain Train — BNSF 6308


Headed home from work, I saw the grain train snaking its way south in Castle Rock. Since I was headed that way anyway, I decided to wait at the Tomah Road exit for it to pass by. It’s a long drag to Larkspur, but I didn’t have to wait too long.

BNSF 6308 is a GE ES44AC and was paired with a Kansas City Southern EMD SD70ACe, but it was too dark to get any pictures of it. Really, it was too dark to get decent pictures at all. I considered using a drain pipe to get to the other side of the tracks, but ruled it out: the lighting wouldn’t have been much better over there anyway.

Mixed Freight — BNSF 9089


This EMD SD70ACe, BNSF 9089, leads a line of very mixed freight north. Helping out was BNSF 7827, a GE ES44AC, and BNSF 8036, a GE ES44C4 which I last saw in January when playing in the snow with my daughter. It was the lead locomotive then; but on this day, it was pulling DPU duty.

When it first cleared the signal, I thought it was an unit oil train — but it didn’t take long to see that mixed freight is a perfect term. Center beams, short gondolas and beat up hoppers were among the manifest.