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Maintenance Train — BNSF 4338

BNSF 4338, a GE DASH 9-44CW, leads BNSF 738 (also DASH 9-44CW) and BNSF 7566 (GE ES44DC) in a trio of DC-powered engines. They were pulling a load of concrete railroad ties north. There has been some maintenance going on north of Colorado Springs on the joint line, do no doubt these ties are already laid and doing their part for the railroad.

As you can see from the above shot, the signal doesn’t light up when traffic’s going north, since they’ve switched over to the PTC signal. It makes catching these northbound trains a little trickier.

Coal Train — Union Pacific 6855

Normally, I wouldn’t post the end of the train as the featured image; but I really like the back of the GE engines.

Pulling the train for Colorado Springs Utilities is Union Pacific 6855, an AC44CW.

An ES44DC, Union Pacific 7933 and an ES44AC Union Pacific 7380 help at the front.

A freshly painted pair of locomotives brought up the rear: Another AC4400CW, Union Pacific 6415 and an ES44AC, Union Pacific 2742.

My Little Railfan’s Photos

These are pictures my daughter took with her phone. She’s turning into quite the little rail fan. BNSF 9140 (EMD SD70ACe) takes the lead.

BNSF 5648 (GE AC4400CW)

BNSF 9375 (EMD SD70ACe)

And BNSF 5741 (GE ES44AC)

The end DPUs of a different train, CREX 1346 and BNSF 5935; both are GE ES44ACs.

And some rolling stock:

I appreciate my daughter’s letting me share these with you.

Grain Train — Union Pacific 8149 (II)

Ich verfolge selten Züge, wann ich Hause bin. Ich warte für sie mir zu passieren. Die Geschwindigkeit der Züge in Kansas scheint auch es sinnlos sie zu verfolgen.

Doch sind wir zu Hutchinson gegangen, und der Zug ist auch Süd gegangen. Und wir haben es nahe Inman passiert, also ich habe gedacht, ich eine andere Chance für mehr Fotos habe.

I rarely chase trains when I’m home. I wait for them to pass me. The speed of the trains in Kansas seem to also make it pointless to chase them.

But we were already going to Hutchinson and the train was also headed south. And we passed it near Inman, so I thought, I have another chance for photos.

Aus der Autobahn an Medora Straße habe ich Position genahmt. Ich musste nicht zu lange gewartet. Als Randnotiz, dies ist der Ort, wo ich die ET44AH Fotos letzte Jahr gemacht.

Natürlich die Lokomotiven sind immer noch eine GE ES44AC (UP 8149) und zwei AC44CWs (UP 6234 und UP 5818).

Off the highway at Medora Road, I took up position. I didn’t have to wait too long. As a side note, this is the place where I got photos of the ET44AH last year.

Of course, the engines are still a GE ES44AC (UP 8149) and two AC44CWs (UP 6234 and UP 5818).

Grain Train — Union Pacific 8149 (I)

Wir haben dieser Zug gehört vor wir es gesehen haben. Ich habe Bilder mit die Getreidesilos gewollt. Drei GE Lokomotiven, eine GE ES44AC (UP 8149) und zwei AC44CWs (UP 6234 und UP 5818), ziehen den Zug.

We heard this train before we saw it. I wanted pictures with the grain silos in them. Three GE engines, a GE ES44AC (UP 8149) and two AC44CWs (UP 6234 und UP 5818), pull the train.

Wann der Zug uns passiert hat, wir haben Verfolgung aufgenommen.

When the train passed us, we gave chase.