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Crew Change — BNSF 9149

Often, when my wife and I have some time together when the kiddo’s otherwise occupied, we will head up toward Palmer Lake so I can try to get pictures of trains. Normally, though, my perfected sense of bad timing means I get nothing. But the other day as we were driving up the highway, we saw this unit coal train parked in Palmer Lake.

It’s a single track from south Colorado Springs to this point, and this guy was parked blocking not only the crossing in Palmer Lake, but also the single rail line; the joint line goes back to two main lines just after the lake in the background. It turns out there was a crew change going on (I didn’t get pics of that).

Something else that caught my eye is the stencil denoting the model. This is the first one of these I’ve seen like this: normally the stencil is the yellow letters against the black background. This one is a yellow outline. I don’t know what it means, if anything.

BNSF 9149 is an EMD SD70ACe.


BNSF 1680

BNSF 1680, an SD40-2 (I think) still in the green and white of Burlington Northern, sits in the yard in Pueblo, Colorado. It doesn’t have any of the indicators that it’s a remote-control unit, though they use RC engines in this yard.

If I’ve got the type wrong, let me know. I’m not as good with these older EMD units as I am at recognizing the newer ones.


Power on Standby

I saw this long line of locomotives sitting in the yard in Pueblo, Colorado. When I snagged this photo, I saw that they were all the same type — EMD SD9043MAC. UP 3623, UP 3484, UP 3775, UP 3674, UP 3555

I’m not sure what they are doing here, but I think they’re a great catch.

In the background, a ballast-maintenance train led by UP 2625, a GE ET44AH, and UP 2538, an ES44AC.