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Leftist Ideology as Religion

I’ve been saying this for years, but I think it’s starting to become apparent to more people. I don’t agree with everything Tim Pool says — he’s far more willing to give the left the benefit of the doubt. I’m too skeptical of totalitarianism to think they’re doing it inadvertently.

But I appreciate Tim’s insight, and I really liked this video. Check him out.

Watch it on HookTube to strip out Google’s Big Brother nonsense.


What North Korean Defectors Think of North Korea

I came across these videos this morning, and thought they were interesting. I’m staunchly anti-authoritarian, and vehemently anti-communism. These were fascinating to watch.

No To Tyranny

How do you know if a person is unqualified for public office?

He’s running for one.

The US has a serious problem in this 2016 presidential election: No one currently running for the office is qualified to do the job. Now, this isn’t something that stops people from becoming president. Lincoln, Grant, both Roosevelts, Truman, Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Bush, Clinton, and Obama weren’t or aren’t qualified to do the job, but that didn’t stop any of them from getting the gig. It’s apparently an American tradition to set the bar as low as possible for a presidential candidate and then vote for the one that can slither under it.

However, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are so apocalyptically unfit for the office in a way that makes even Lincoln’s dictatorship seem reasonable. They’re not even two different sides of the same coin, they’re the same side. Everyone already knows the list of crimes both these worthless sacks have committed, yet no one seems to care. On one hand, you have the Party of Hate yelling that it’s time for a woman president; and on the other, you have the Party of Hate yelling it’s time for change. Hey, I don’t disagree it’s time for a change; but I’d like to think that change should be for the better. And if a change for the better came in the form of a woman who was willing to put up with the world’s worst job, I’d vote for her.

Neither party’s voters is even voting for their own candidate as much as voting against the other party’s candidate. So even the people voting for these worthless candidates don’t actually want that person in the white house; they just want to have the other person in there less. That’s idiotic and a bad formula for picking the next dictator leader of your country.

Do you ever wonder if England looks at this mess and thinks Whew! We dodged a bullet there!?

I never planned to vote for Trump; but to be perfectly honest, I never expected that he would become the Republican party’s candidate in the first place. The Republican party started off with a great collection of possible candidates. Rand, Cruz, Rubio… I could have supported any of them. I sure as hell won’t support the angry Oompa Loompa. Not a chance. The Trump bandwagon knows it can’t win against that miserable waste of flesh Hillary (how sad and pathetic is that?), and has resorted to threatening conservatives that it’s Trump or nothing. If you don’t vote for Trump, you’re voting for Hillary.

No. It’s not that at all. Voting for either is a vote for tyranny. And perhaps now you can understand why I’m writing this today, Independence Day: I refuse to vote for a tyrant. I may be among a small group of conservatives against which the hatred from both parties grows. I understand my vote probably won’t prevail against the tides of stupidity. I’m sure someone unqualified and unwanted by the people that voted against the other guy will be in the oval office come January. I’m okay with that. I’m less okay that I’ll be living in even more a dictatorship than I have been this point. I understand I’ll still be a slave to the lunatic religion of the Liberal Left, with all its double standards and inconsistencies and absolute hatred of everything. But I’ll be a slave with a clear conscious: I’ll have actually voted for my candidate.

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

Apple versus die Schutzstaffel

More than half of Americans are utter and complete idiots. Of course, we knew this already because Obama is president (elected twice, even!). Now, the FBI has squared off against Apple in a Public Relations war so as not to appear as the Evil Big Government’s Schutzstaffel they clearly are. And Americans, mostly democrats (of course), are willing to surrender their protection against search and seizure to the Feds.

I, personally, don’t like Apple as a company, and I don’t like their products. And (I’m aware of the sacrilegious nature of this statement) I’m not even a fan of or enamored by Steve Jobs — if his products were really that good, they wouldn’t need a Fort Knox-like protective barrier around their sleek, slim designs. So, yes, I think Apple is ridiculous. But the stance they’ve made on this issue is the right one. It’s not surprising the Federal Government has made a policy of overstepping its constitutional authority. That’s not news, but it doesn’t make it illegal for them to do so.

The articles linked to above are about the public’s perception, and it doesn’t say exactly what was asked. I’m curious what the same people would say if the question were phrased: Do you think Apple should hand over your personal data to the FBI?

Now, I understand, that may not change the percentages very much. I’ve already pointed out (with supporting evidence) that many Americans are scheißdumm. But that personalizes the issue, and here’s how: What’s to keep the FBI from labeling you a terrorist and ransacking your personal life? Granted, they can do this now, I get it; but they at least have to pretend to have cause.

The Federal Government and it’s various Schutzstaffeln have the means to brute force the technology currently; they want Apple’s help to make it easier, because the gimme-gimme-gimme mentality is pervasive in this country. But if Apple were to give in to this, they would be sending a clear message to the public that they don’t value the privacy of their customers. Plain and simple. For that reason alone, they should stay the course. We already know we can’t trust the Federal Government with technology. Once they have the ability to side load invasive software on one phone, they’ll do it where ever they please (fourth amendment be damned), and you’d be a fool to think otherwise.

Die Gedankenpolizei are here. Political Correctness and the Left’s war on freedom is but one front the Thought Police wage against the America they hate. Perversely, it’s the elitist media, those useful idiots of die Schutzstaffel, that are the biggest pushers of this crap. And the public has bought the lie wholesale. 1984 isn’t fiction; it’s here, it’s now. The last tie I read this, I wasn’t thinking of Soviet Russia — I was comparing it to our current Soviet America. It’s as if the Liberal Left looked at it, not as the warning against totalitarianism that it is, but as a How-To guide to implementing the Fascist State in which we currently live.

Dear Republican Party:

It’s not me, it’s you.  I know you want desperately to think that it’s not you, but it honestly and truly is.  I know we were together for 14 years, but you never cared for me.  You never courted me.  You never respected me, or thanked me.  You ignored me unless it was convenient for you.  Worst of all, you never really represented me.

I see your impassioned pleas on Facebook to stand with you and your National Republican Senatorial Committee.  I wish I could say I felt sorry for you, but you’ve done this to yourself.  I also know that if I do stand with you, as you beg of me, you’ll simply spam my email inbox with your own propaganda and you’ll beg for money.

No.  Your tears aren't going to change the way I feel about you.

No. Your tears aren’t going to change the way I feel about you.


If you knew me at all, you’d know I have no respect for that.  It’s not like you didn’t have a chance.  Fourteen years, remember?

You’ve shown you’re part of the problem and not part of the solution.  You war with Tea Party candidates who have the audacity to believe in the constitution and the rights that are supposedly guaranteed to me by that treasured document.  And while I won’t join the Tea Party any more than I’ll return to your knife-wielding, back-stabbing arms, when you denigrate people who believe as I do about constitutional rights and political policies… well, I can’t help but interpret that as your hatred for me as well.

The status quo has got to go.  You’ve helped defeat yourselves because you’re trying to sell yourself to and through a media that doesn’t even pretend anymore to be unbiased.  And the more you compromise to get good press via the coopted, mainstream, biased, leftist media the further away you are from representing me.  Wake up.  It’s the twenty first century and people like me do not rely on the coopted, mainstream, biased, leftist media for our news because we see the fallacy.  How can you not?

I don’t want to go along to get along and be about the business of government because the business of government is stealing from people who produce (like me) to give it to people who do not (like you).  When it comes to politics, I guess I’m a vegetarian: I don’t want pork in the laws.  You’re all so busy trying to one up each other and bestow benefits to your own constituents that you aren’t even the least bit concerned about representing me.

I want real change in government.  Real change includes a massive reduction of the unelected bureaucracy that feels it is unaccountable to the public.  I want you to actually prosecute those who abuse their positions of authority (such as Lois Lerner) instead of making a show of it.  I want the power of the government returned to its rightful owners, the citizens of this country.  Which reminds me:  The Congress is not royalty and you don’t deserve any respect without earning it, just like everyone else.  I will not respect the offices until there is a reason to do so.  Quit acting as if you, public servants, are entitled to anything.

The government has forgotten that it works for me.  It is not the other way around.

I recently mentioned our breakup in passing.  Now I say directly to you: I will no longer vote for your candidates simply because they’re not Democrats.  I’m done voting against people; I want to, and will, vote for people that will represent me and those whose beliefs most closely align to mine.  This applies to every election, no matter the level of oppressive government.  If you can’t field a candidate for President or dog catcher who has beliefs that align to my own, you won’t get my vote.  I won’t align myself to your positions because, Republicans, you’ve become so moderate that it’s truly difficult for me to see the difference between the Asses and the Elephants.

The enemy of my enemy is not my friend, Republicans:  this means you.   And no, I won’t pretend any differently, not even for old times’s sake.

The burden of proof is on you.  This probably won’t be the last time I mention reasons why we can no longer associate with each other.  It’s up to you to fix those problems.  But understand, even if you do rectify all of the reasons you’ve become and unsuitable companion, I will likely never fully trust you.  Once bitten twice shy.  As I said: it’s you.  It isn’t me.


To All The Outrage Industry’s Social Justice Warriors

I see your Social Justice Warrior calling card on the back of your Prius or your Subaru. You plastered the back of your car with bumper stickers making your hypocrisy clear to thinking people.






Oh, I’m sure you believe in Tolerance, but you don’t practice it. Anytime anyone who disagrees with your definition of the term comes along, your spite and anger and hatred come spewing out in a rage and expletive-filled rant deriding those who dare disagree with your feelings.

Never mind your feelings aren’t protected by law and your feelings don’t consist of facts. Nowhere in the constitution does it guarantee the right not to be offended. Never mind the fact that you cannot be offended unless you want to be offended: offense is your reaction to something that someone else does or says – it is entirely within your control.

The Outrage Industry is making a tidy profit on your having poor impulse control, Social Justice Warrior.

You’re an empty soul looking for acceptance and you’ve chosen those talismans as the tenets of your religious faith; those are the building blocks of humanistic atheism you’ve chosen as self-identification, as badges of honor. You hate yourself and in order to feel better about that, you have to drag everyone else down with you; the evidence is plastered all over your ridiculous Save-The-Earth-mobile.

I disagree with your implementation of all of those philosophies you proudly clutch to your chest while you rabidly spew poison and hatred on your quest to bring everyone down to your level. I don’t necessarily disagree with the concept, you’d be surprised to find out if you quit hating me long enough to listen to rational and reasoned thought.

I am among the tolerant. My freedoms are being chipped away by you and your policies and I am not executing you, either literally or metaphorically. I’m coexisting with your self-loathing hatred of me, and I am not suggesting you go kill yourself for your stupid beliefs that I don’t agree with. I don’t oppose the idea of marriage equality, but I don’t appreciate your agenda designed to trivialize my life, beliefs, marriage because you desperately need someone else to validate your lifestyle choices.

You see, I’m a whole person on my own. I am not an empty shell of a soul looking for value among liberal catch phrases or acceptance among people just as empty as I am. There’s room in this whole-person philosophy for differing opinions and different lifestyle choices, because more so than in any Outrage Industry Social Justice Warrior issue of the minute, there is respect.  When you’re a whole person on your own, when you’re not desperately seeking an identity among the trendy so-called issues of the day and when you know what you believe in and why, you aren’t threatened by a different view.

You can't say this.

You can’t say this.

When you really mean this.

When you really mean this.

I don’t agree with your liberal philosophies; but in this whole-person philosophy, there’s the recognition that you’re allowed to think your own thoughts and live your own life.  It doesn’t frighten me that you hold a different viewpoint; what frightens me is that the only way you know to sell your view is at the point of a gun, which is ironic because you’re terrified of them.

You’re only allowed to live your own life.  You’re not allowed to live everyone else’s life for them, though; and since you are incapable of living your own life, as evidenced by your resale-decimating collection of bumper stickers on the back of your pathetic excuse for a car, you most certainly shouldn’t attempt to live anyone else’s life.

Equality either is or is not and under your regime, hollow hypocrite Social Justice Warrior, there’s no room for those who don’t swallow your Kool-Aid without question or hesitation.  Your bumper sticker may as well say Celebrate Hypocrisy.  You would at least get credit for honesty if it did.

You can’t celebrate diversity by enforcing conformity.

Finally Some Judicial Sense

Louisiana’s US District Judge Martin Feldman upheld his state’s homosexual marriage ban.  While the force-their-agenda-down-your-throat homosexual marriage advocate will appeal the ruling and no doubt make a big stink about this in a way that only a group of whiners who have to force everyone else into acknowledging their lifestyle and plead for validity can, the ruling itself proves that there are still pockets of rational thought in a field of law otherwise devoid of such.

This ruling is significant because this ruling falls squarely within the confines of the Tenth Amendment.  Judges have long overstepped their bounds in legislating from the bench by overturning voter-approved initiatives; this is beyond the scope of their powers, but since we haven’t been teaching Constitutional freedom in schools, no one seems to know this.

This is not an anti-homosexual ruling, although it’s going to be painted as such.  Louisiana will no doubt become the target of contempt and there will be pilgrimages to Louisiana for protests that will be largely ineffective but will be covered by the coopted leftist biased media as though it were news.

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.  —Amendment X, US Constitution

Feldman ruled that the state has the right to define the institution of marriage; the text of the Tenth Amendment is above.  What this means is that anything that the US Constitution doesn’t explicitly grant or prohibit to the federal government is decided by the states themselves.  And since there’s no mention of homosexual marriage in the US Constitution, this is a topic decided by the state.

Parenthetically, there’s no mention of heterosexual marriage in the US Constitution either.  One would think that meant the federal government doesn’t have any damn business being involved in the business of marriages.

The state of Louisiana’s voters have decided, under their lawful Constitutional rights, to define what a marriage is.  And for once, a federal judge has the understanding to stand by the right of the people who lawfully enacted a definition.

This isn’t about equality and to be brutally honest it never was.  Homosexuals have plenty of other states to live in that do recognize their lifestyle as valid; and since moving from one state to another is allowed, the option is open for them to live peacefully in a state that does recognize their status.  This effort is about conformity and forcing everyone to march in lockstep to an agenda to which the majority do not subscribe.

Yep, the pro-homosexual agenda is being pushed by fascists.

An entire war was fought over the issue of the sovereignty of the rights of the states.  And then President Lincoln blatantly violated the rights of those states and pissed all over the limitations to presidential power as outlined in the Constitution, just as minions of the federal government are doing now.  Revolution hasn’t come often enough in this country, I think, to remind the federal government that it is subservient to the states and the people.

Whatever your personal opinion on the issue is, Feldman made the right decision here and will no doubt suffer the wrath of an abusive, leftist biased media and an agenda pushed by fascists because of it.  But being and doing right often means you’re at odds with those around you.

I’d rather be disliked and my principles uncompromised than the alternative.