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After a lot of thought, I am going to be stepping away from this blog for a while. I have been trying to keep up with some arbitrary self-imposed goal of posting something every day for several years now; but I’m not willing to keep up with it any more. There’s too much real life going on.

We’re members of our zoo, and I can no more go to the zoo without my camera than I can breathe; I imagine on occasion, there will be new photos or thoughts about stuff. I’m also keeping an accountability blog over on The Fat Guy Running. And of course, I plan to keep in touch with all my awesome blogging buddies.

Thanks for everything.

Au revoir.


Mixed Freight — BNSF 7518

A trio of DC-powered locomotives — led by BNSF 7518 (GE ES44DC) — makes up the front of this mixed freight train. BNSF 966 and BNSF 4184 are a pair of GE DASH 9-44CWs.

At the tail end of the train was this lone GE ES44C4 (BNSF 5536), the sole AC-powered locomotive of the train.

Autoracks — Union Pacific 5354

Kansas ist relativ flach, das ist wahr. Es ist nicht langweilig oder hässlich, doch ist es flach (na ja, relativ zu Colorado). Die gleise sind gerade und die Züge sind sehr schnell. Andererseits die Feldern geben gute Sichtlinie. Ich habe fast null gute Fotos von die Seite der Züges an Hause. Es gibt zu viele Bäume, Straßen, Gebäude. Ich muss härter für diese Bilder sich anstrengen.

Die Eisenbahnwagen für dem Zug zur Autobeförderung sind höher als 20 Fuß (6.3m). Das gibt eine Perspektiv zu die Höhe der Getreidesilos. Ohne hohe Berge zu queren rüber, die Züge brauchen nicht so viele Lokomotiven, die Fracht zu bewegen. An der Front des Zuges war ein schmutzige GE ES44AC (UP 5354). Am Ende war eine EMD SD70ACe (UP 8880).

Kansas is relatively flat, that’s true. It’s not boring or ugly, but it is flat (well, relative to Colorado). The rails are straight and the trains are very fast. On the other hand, the fields give good line of sight. I have almost no good photos of trains from the side from home. There are too many tress, roads, buildings. I have to try harder for these kinds of images.

The Autoracks are over 20ft high. That give some perspective to the height of the grain silos. Without high mountains to cross, the trains need fewer engines. At the front of this train is a dirty GE ES44AC (UP 5354). At the end was an EMD SD70ACe (UP 8880).

New WordPress Reader

What are your thoughts on the new reader? I think, like most of WP’s changes lately, they’re bad ideas. Change for change’s sake is never a good development decision.

Reinhold Staden Photography

My comment in the WordPress Forum regarding the NEW WordPress Reader:

I have been working with WordPress for more than 18 months to create my blog for landscape photography in WordPress. Thanks for providing such an awesome content management system to enable that. Today I looked at my blog in the new reader for the first time. I saw horses without a body, landscapes without land, seascapes without sea. Nobody will click on these previews to see more details. You have basically destroyed the work of the last months. And don’t say my images look awesome in the new reader. They don’t. I always loved working with and in WordPress. But may be the wind of change is driving me into another direction. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Nevertheless: I would like to thank you my friends and followers for your support, comments and likes. Merry Christmas and a…

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Six Weeks of Gratitude: Week Six

My wife is giving away a piece of her jewelry from Door 44 Jewelry… check it out!

Beyond Door 44

November is, for many of us I think, a time to be thankful. As I’ve grown older, I’ve found that I naturally tend to retreat inward around the winter holidays. I don’t retreat from the outside world so much because I want to escape, but more because I feel a strong internal pull toward introspection.
This is the time of year that I tend to take stock of my life. I review the previous ten months and consider whether I am pleased with the direction I am going, or if perhaps I need to adjust my course a bit. Or maybe a lot, as has often been the case in previous years.
This year as November rolled around and I felt that familiar pull to examine my life, I was pleased to discover that all is right in my world. It’s a wonderful thing to internally examine your…

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Week Two of Six Weeks of Gratitude

My wife’s jewelry store is holding a giveaway contest over the next month or so. Check it out!

Beyond Door 44

Door 44 Jewelry is nearly one year old, and this year has been far more successful than I dared to hope. So, I’d like to say thanks to all of the amazing friends, relatives, customers, and fans responsible for the success of my fledgling little jewelry business. Every like, share, pin, comment and purchase makes a difference. You’ve helped me spread the word about Door 44 in countless different ways, and now I’d like to give back to you!

I’ll be giving away one piece of my handcrafted jewelry every Saturday between today (I just announced the first winner an hour ago) and December 17th! To enter these drawings, just ‘like’ and share each weekly giveaway post, which will be pinned to the top of Door 44 Jewelry’s Facebook page. Be sure to ‘like’ that page as well so you’ll be sure to catch all of the latest drawing…

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