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Quina Quen

Final Fantasy IX is my favorite game in the series. The first time I played it, I didn’t care much for Quina; but as I’ve replayed the game over the years, I’ve really come to like him/her. He/She is one of the best characters in the game, especially early on. I wish I had remembered his/her fork.

For my birthday, my wife gave me a drawing course. I’ve done some posts of Final Fantasy monsters I’ve drawn before (some broken links there — sorry); but this is the first time I’ve tried doing a main character (click on it for a bigger image). I think my wife’s investment is paying off.



Earlier this week, I showed a Cactuar and a Malboro I sketched.

The Tonerry is another of the recurring Final Fantasy enemies, often found toward the end game and far away from a save point in some optional dungeon in the world.


I just quickly sketched that one, right next to the “Copic Cactuar”:



The other day, a follower issued a “Malboro Challenge”. Like the Cactuar, the Malboro is a common, recurring enemy in the Final Fantasy franchise, and one of the more difficult enemies to beat in some installments. They have an attack called Bad Breath that inflicts nearly every negative status affect on your party.

So here’s a quick and dirty sketch plus color I made of a Malboro. Enjoy.

Cactuar (II)

So I shared a quick sketch of a Cactuar (an enemy in the Final Fantasy series) the other day. I had drawn that one in my sketch book, and I’d hoped to have some better results with the markers on Bristol. I used some Faber-Castell Pitt pens and some Prismacolor Premier markers for the blending. Here’s that version:


Today, I picked up a couple of Copic markers, and did a really quick version of the Cactuar to try to work on the blending:


More Drawings

Office Lens_20160426_125921_processed

It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded some of these drawings I’ve done. All of these come from one or the other of Mark Crilley’s Mastering Manga series, or from his How to Draw videos on YouTube. I haven’t spent a lot of time drawing recently, but I really need to get back into it. If you recall, I started this with the idea of getting some basic artwork done for an RPG. When I read Crilley’s Brody’s Ghost books, he mentioned the Brody character took a couple of years to evolve — which pretty much dashes my hopes of knocking something out in a few evenings. Especially when I can really only do some of these basic poses. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing the characters in Chibi style, actually. That’d take some of the pressure off, and since the game is a homage to the Final Fantasy series… it might even work.

So this one doesn’t have a line-by-line tutorial in the books, but I thought I’d try to work it out. The pose itself is a little awkward for me to get right, and this is probably the fourth or fifth attempt. Her legs and body always seemed disproportionate to her head. Even still, it doesn’t seem particularly good.

This girl looks like she’s hanging her head a little bit. The angle was a little weird, but I like the final result anyway. Breasts are hard to draw well, and I also have a difficult time judging their proportions. One of the things I like about Mark Crilley’s tutorials is that he doesn’t hypersexualize the drawings. Feet and hands are still difficult for me to draw in such a way that I’m not entirely unhappy with them. This is hard to do, and it made me think of this old Calvin and Hobbes strip.

My daughter and I were sitting at the table one night, sketching and drawing. I drew the original image (top) and then drew another one to add color to it. As I was penciling in the color, I was highly aware that a mistake would probably ruin the whole thing. It made me long for the relative safety of the layers in Photoshop!

And finally, from Mark’s How To Draw series on YouTube, the manga favorite — the Cat Girl:

Except Anastasia said the tail looked less like a bushy cat tail and more like a fox tail or something. She didn’t think my representation was in any way cat like. For the record, Mark’s cat girl with a bushy tail actually looks like a cat’s tail. I gave up on the bushy bit and redrew it like this:

Definitely a more cat-like tail as well as a few other improvements, I think.