Words Just Can’t Describe

… how utterly, completely, pathetically, apocalyptically, staggeringly bad drivers are in Colorado. I’d like to point out that the road in these photos is merely wet. Not snowy, slushy or icy. Just wet.

I really think the solution to the bad-driver problem is to make driving a difficult thing to do again; make it require concentration, require learning how to control a vehicle… you know the fundamentals.

I could maybe understand (if not condone) this if it were this way only when it snowed or was icy. But they’re this bad when it’s dry too. And here’s an even scarier thought: these people probably aren’t even the worst drivers in the country. They’re just the worst that I have to deal with. Is it worse where you live?


Rose Impersonates a Bread Loaf

Ich denke, sie süß ist, wann Rose ihre Nachahmung von Brot macht. Obwohl scheint sie es nicht zu mögen, wann ich Fotos von ihr mache. Ich echt mag ihre Augen im erstes Foto.

I think she’s cute when Rose impersonates a loaf of bread. Although she doesn’t seem to like it much when I take pictures of her. I really like her eyes in the first photo.

Rail Maintenance Train — Union Pacific 7483

Union Pacific 7483 und Union Pacific 8002: Ein Paar GE ES44AC ziehen etwa langes Gleisteilen durch Colorado Springs. Der Lokführer hat die Zughupe als Gruß geblasen, wann der Zug passiert hat. Das war nett.

Union Pacific 7483 and Union Pacific 8002: A pair of GE ES44ACs pull some long sections of rail through Colorado Springs. The engineer blew the horn in greeting as he passed. That was nice.

Scaffold in Black and White

Kürzlich habe ich ein Paar Fotos mit Farbe von Gerüst unter eine Brücke gezeigt. Diese Fotos sind schwarz-weiß Bilder von die gleiche Brücke und Gerüst. Wann ich diese Bilder vor meinem inneren Auge gesehen habe, ich habe sie als ein “Melinda-Foto” gesehen.

The other day, I posted a couple of photos of a scaffold under a bridge. These photos are black and white versions of those images. When I saw these in my mind’s eye, I saw them as “Melinda-Photos“.

Colorado Springs Police Officer Hits Pedestrian

I’ve mentioned before that I think very little of first responders: police, firefighter, and ambulance drivers. This is a group of highly-entitled people particularly convinced of their own superiority, and full-on believers of their own press. They think they’re heroes simply by the nature of their jobs. The incompetence is maddening and mostly pervasive.

Since the law dictates the mortals get out of their way when they’re on the road, they have no driving ability. Just yesterday, I watched an ambulance driver essentially bully his way through an intersection. And then I came home to find this story in the Colorado Springs Gazette: Woman hit by police cruiser while crossing downtown Colorado Springs street.

Way. To. Go.

The reason this sort of thing infuriates me isn’t a product of an attitude against authority. These people should be held to a higher standard. I should be able to look to the members of the police or fire departments and think they’re professionals. But they’re not. And it’s this attitude despising incompetence that causes me to have such a low opinion of first responders.

I understand accidents happen. But I’m paying attention. I’ve seen ambulance drivers cut off people and do utterly stupid things on the road. I’ve been one of the ones cut off by an AMR driver who doesn’t understand how to drive. I’m paying attention on the roads, and I’ve seen many idiotic and dangerous acts of stupidity by people sporting “fire fighter” plates. It’s obvious they’re incompetent.

They’re certainly setting examples, but they don’t seem to know or care that it’s not the one they think they’re setting.