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Wal-Mart Gives Me Another Reason Not To Shop There

I’m not a Confederate Flag apologist; I don’t have any particular attachment to it. The whining leftist weenie censorship element in our country has done a good job of convincing the ignorant, unwashed masses that it’s a symbol of racism, a term which itself is a semantic satiation any more.

But in reality, the Confederate States of America were formed in response to a repressive, bullying federal government that blatantly overstepped its Constitutional boundaries in direct violation to the 10th Amendment. Sort of like the repressive, bullying federal government does today.

The difference was, the Confederates believed enough in their rights to stand up to the repressive, bullying federal government and its boundaries-trashing president. I bet Lincoln wishes he could’ve distracted the unwashed masses with ESPN back then while he blatantly disregarded the Constitution. Obama doesn’t know how good he’s got it.

And while the federal government has continued to violate, undermine, and actively destroy our Constitutional freedom, it’s also done its damnedest to vilify those who stood up for theirs, to ensure that no one tries it again. And it seems to be working.

We live in a country so full of ignorance that the majority have no idea what’s going on. They’re the product of a public school education, which means they’ve been taught by the very same federal government whose sole purpose is self-preservation. And that ignorance is pervasive and spreading.

Case in point:

A man in Louisiana wants a Confederate flag on a cake. Wal-Mart refuses. So he goes in the next day and asks for a cake with the ISIS battle flag on it. Guess what?


Per Wal-Mart policy, it’s perfectly acceptable to decorate a cake with the symbol of a group that beheads people, burns them alive, and who knows what other atrocities they’ve committed that the liberal leftist awestruck media hasn’t gleefully reported. But it’s not okay to put the Confederate flag on a cake.

I know the company has issued a pro forma apology to the man, lest those it’s fleecing think less of the company while it engages in its campaign of censorship. But even putting aside the empty words and censorship they’re engaging in, there are a couple of problems that I can see. The first, is that this “talented bakery associate” was so ignorant that he or she had no idea what this man was asking. Secondly, the company thinks this is acceptable and condemned the customer for probing Wal-Mart’s loyalties. This speaks volumes about where the company places its values.

And this is indicative of what’s wrong with Wal-Mart. I haven’t done my shopping at Wal-Mart in five or six years at least. I quit going there because I got tired of the dirty, disgusting stores, the entirely discourteous, clueless, and apathetic staff, and most of the rest of the other people there. In short, I got tired of dealing with these sorts of “talented associates” and this sort of corporate dogma. And if I had never spent another dime in Wal-Mart, it wouldn’t have hurt my feelings.

While it was an In-A-Pinch option before, I’d rather do without than spend any of my money at Wal-Mart ever again. I think the company’s demonstrated where its loyalty lay. Wal-Mart has every right to be pro-ISIS, pro-censorship, pro-political correctness, and pro-ignorance (pardon the redundancy of the last three; I’m aware they are all the same thing). But by not shopping there, none of my money will find its way via the Wal-Mart Avenue to ISIS’s coffers.

American Media Whines About Dress Code

The American media has its collective knickers in a knot over a dress code issued for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s visit. The media seems to think it’s such an important entity that it can do whatever it wants.

New York Magazine reduced the two members of British Royalty to “an air ambulance pilot in training and a former chain-store accessories buyer” as if the pair wasn’t a political figure at all.

Why should the United States’ press corps — who barely bother to brush the muffin crumbs off their polo shirts before lobbing questions at the President of the United States — schlep extra pieces of clothing to work just so they can make small talk with a (perfectly nice-seeming) British air ambulance pilot-in-training and a former chain-store accessories buyer?

Well, here’s a thought: the President of the United States is a servant of the people. They tend not to think of themselves that way lately, but America is a Republic founded “of the People, by the People” and the President is accountable to the people.

So the whiney media elite can feel perfectly justified in being the utter slobs that they are when addressing the President. But the Royal Family isn’t in a station of servant to its people. And the press is going to sell advertising because there’s an (incomprehensible) fascination with the Royal Family, so I don’t see what the fuss about the dress code is about. The Royal Family is scrutinized in every aspect of their lives, often by the very same hypocrites whining now about having to wear a coat and tie to interview the people they’ll be criticizing later.

Personally if I were the gatekeeper I’d turn away any and all of the American journalists who didn’t make the cut. And I wouldn’t feel bad in the least. America needs to get over itself and realize there are other nations in the world with their own customs and traditions, that the history we believe to be true isn’t necessarily that. If we Americans wish to return to the once-great nation we had, we need to stop weakening our country from the inside.

And maybe then, the whining leftist elitist snobbish and utterly inconsequential media can make demands on foreign nationals when they come to visit.