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Snake on the Trail


When Wendi and I walk, I usually walk on the outside as a sort of first line of defense against the cyclists. Though this typically works well for us, the other day we saw several snakes as we walked. As luck would have it, snakes don’t quite make Wendi’s Like list. There was some ensuing discussion about which was worse: cyclists or snakes.

I personally don’t mind snakes; I think they’re sort of fascinating. This one didn’t seem in any way perturbed to be the subject of my photos.

Wann Wendi und ich spazieren, spaziere ich auserhalb, als die erste Abwehrlinie gegen Radfahrer. (Sie sind hier unglaublich unhöflich am die Wanderwegen. Arschloche, wirklich).

Obwohl normalerweise es uns gut funktionert,, sahen wir dem anderem Tag ein paar Schlangen, als wir spaziert haben. Wie das Glück es wollte, mag Wendi keine Schlangen. Es war eine Diskussion: sind Schlangen schlimmer als Radfahrer?

Persönlich, beunruhigen Schlangen mich nicht. Ich denke, sie ein bisschen faszinierend sind. Diese Schlange hat gut geschienen, die Subjekt meine Bilder zu sein.


Lions – Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (III)


We’re coming up to the last of the lion photos before my favorite one. Mama lion, Lomela, looks rather proud and strikes a stately pose as her cub hangs out nearby.

I really like this last photo, with the cub looking up at his mother in adoration.

The next post about lions will contain my favorite photos from that day.

Zebra – Cheyenne Mountain Zoo


I know, you’re all waiting for my favorite lion pics from Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. We spent a lot of time around the lions, so I have a lot of photos of them. I was walking around the zoo all day telling my wife “I freaking love the zoo” like a hyper child. (Which is arguably true).

The zebras aren’t really in a great spot for photos. They sort of hung out in the shade and rarely moved. I got a couple of photos of them. As you can see, there’s not much in the way of Savannah Grasses for them to hide in.

Do you think he was making a statement by pointing his butt at me? Hmmm.

Lion Cubs – Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (I)


By now, it’s probably pretty clear that I like cats. There are so many pictures of our cat Rose on my blog; she’s one of my favorite subjects to photograph.

Over the weekend, Mike’s Camera was holding an event at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo where photographers could try out new gear an hour at a time. As it happens, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo also welcomed three lion cubs in early July. Further, my sister and her boyfriend met us there; we made a family day of it.

What can I say? The lion cubs are adorable.

The location isn’t ideal for photography. They keep the cubs and their mother in an enclosure with a glass front and daylight streaming in from both sides. So there’s a lot of reflections to dodge, not to mention a bunch of grubby fingerprints… because people can’t keep their hands off the glass.

Circumstances being what they were, though, we spent a lot of time around the lion cubs and I have what I consider to be amazing photos coming up.

Lomela, the mother lioness, watches over her litter. She seemed to be keeping a pretty close eye on the crowd too…

Abuto, proud papa. I don’t want to project human emotions onto the lion, but he got as close to the enclosure where the cubs are as he could and we didn’t see him stray very far.

I’m sure they have named the cubs now, but I don’t know what they are. Look how cute they are.

That’s all for now. My favorite lion cub photos are coming up.

By the way, I’ll have a couple of the lion photos for sale soon, if you’re interested.

Gänse Im Park III

Gänse in Monument Valley Park in Colorado Springs. Wendi und ich sind dort für Fotos gefahren. Die Gänse in Colorado Springs waren nicht so verängstigt von uns als die Gänse in Lakewood. Sie haben für mich gut dargestellt.

Geese in Monument Valley Park in Colorado Springs. Wendi and I drove down there for photos. The Geese in Colorado Springs were not as afraid as the geese in Lakewood. They posed well for me.

 photo IMG_7323_zpsqzr9nhzu.jpg

 photo IMG_7319_zpsqic9sjmb.jpg

 photo IMG_7322_zpsju3os8cf.jpg

 photo IMG_7317_zpsshajyvmy.jpg