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Leerer Kohlezug — BNSF 6082


Die Eisenbahnen sind ein Hauptteil die Historie der Colorado Springs. Und schon jetzt dringen sie durch der Stadt. Kohle ist immer noch die Haupthandelsware hier. Kein Wunder: meisten meine Zugbilder sind Kohlezüge. BNSF 6082 (GE ES44AC) und BNSF 8752 (EMD SD70ACe) haben einen Kohlezug für NRG durch Monument Valley Park gezerrt. Ein Paar GE ES44ACs, BNSF 5865 und BNSF 6191, füllen die Kraft aus.

Empty Coal Train — BNSF 6082

The railroads are a major part of Colorado Springs’s history. And even now, they cut through the city. Coal is still the major commodity here. No surprise: most of my train pictures are coal trains. BNSF 6082 (GE ES44AC) and BNSF 8752 (EMD SD70ACe) pull a coal train for NRG through Monument Valley Park. A pair of GE ES44ACs, BNSF 5865 and BNSF 6191, fill out the power.


Coal Train – BNSF 5925


BNSF 5925, a GE ES44AC engine, leads an empty coal train through Colorado Springs. It’s followed by sister ES44AC, BNSF 5752.

Incidentally, these hoppers will be transporting coal to an Xcel Energy power plant. This sign on the hopper caught my eye as the train passed, and I had to laugh. Health and Safety departments just don’t have enough to do, I guess:

Operating as distributed power units at the end of this train was another pair of GE ES44ACs: BNSF 5883 (I think — I didn’t get the number clear enough), and BNSF 5865.