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Happy Cat… ?

We refer to this blanket as the cat trap. She doesn’t bother with boxes usually, but this blanket is irresistible.



An early-morning drizzle led to skating-rink roads this morning, which of course leads to many car crashes and traffic congestion… there are times when I can relate to Rose’s desire to hide her face under her paw.

Katze in Licht und Schatten


Diese Fotos waren ein Umfall. Rose hat sehr süß ausgeschaut und ich habe ein Foto von ihr machen gewollt. Das Bild war unterbelichtet; aber ich dachte, vielleicht es gespart sein kann.

Was denken Sie? Künstlerisch…? Oder Mist?

Cat in Light and Shadow

These photos were an accident. Rose looked very cute and I wanted to get a photo of her. The image was underexposed; but I thought maybe it can be saved.

What do you think? Artistic? Or crap?

Ginger Cat, Sleeping


One advantage to taking pictures of Rose when she’s sleeping? She doesn’t scowl at the camera like she otherwise would. It’s hard not to take pictures of Rose when she has her face tucked under her leg like this.

I don’t usually pose the cat (as if that would do any good anyway). She was sleeping next to me on the couch, and I “tucked her in”… she didn’t budge.