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Run to the Shrine

On my Fat Guy Running blog today, I mentioned that I’ve registered for the Run to the Shrine at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in May.

As you may have gathered from all the pics, we love the zoo here. Please don’t feel any obligation to donate; but if, and only if, you are so inclined, you can follow this link to donate to the Zoo. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is among a handful that isn’t tax-payer supported (if that makes a difference to you).

Gators on the Prowl

We caught the American Alligator enrichment on our last trip to the zoo, as well. Gators are pretty interesting — I mean, look at that smile!

During the enrichment while the zookeeper was talking, I couldn’t help but think of the line from Live and Let Die, when Bond is being fed to the crocodiles:

“There are two ways to disable a croc. One way is to take a pencil and stick it in the pressure area behind his eye.”
“And the other?”
“The other is twice as simple. You just stick your hand in his mouth, and pull out his teeth!”