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Es ist nicht so einfach in der Sonne zu fotografieren. Aber diese Wolken schaut sehr cool aus. Ich mag, dass der Vordergrund in Schatten ist, mit die Sonne hinter. Die Streifen sind sehr regulär, als ob das Gewebe des Himmels falte.

Cloud Ripples

It’s not easy to take pictures into the sun. But these clouds looked pretty cool. I like that the foreground is in shadow with the sun behind. The stripes seem very regular, as if the fabric of the sky is wrinkled.

My Crated Gallery

Pikes Peak From Peyton


My daughter has joined cross country in her new school. Her first meet was in Peyton, a small community east of Colorado Springs. From there, I snagged a couple of pictures of Pikes Peak.

When we’re on our way back east or coming home from there, I see Pikes Peak rising up from the plains and I often wonder what the early explorers and settlers thought when they encountered it for the first time.

Also, I snagged a curtain of virga that indicates some serious precipitation to the south of where we were: