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Colorado Spring in Colorado Springs

Yup, it snowed Friday night, just in time for the April Nielson Challenge. I snagged this photo before the race.


Ein Anderer Erster Schnee


Wie viele so genannt ‘ersten Schnee’ in Colorado sind da? Erste kam der Schnee auf Pikes Peak in August. Dann war der erster Hauptschnee auch auf Pikes Peak in Oktober. Gestern kam der ersten Schnee, dass auf mich schneite. Oder uns. Ich musste den Schnee abkratzen, dass auf die Autos war. Die Straßen waren schmalzig und eisig und nass.

How many so-called ‘first snow’ are there in Colorado? First came the snow on Pikes Peak in August. Than there was the first major snow, also on Pikes Peak in October. Yesterday the first snow that fell on me came. Or fell on us. I had to scrape off the snow from the cars. The streets were slushy and icy and wet.

Aber am Mittagessen war der Schnee weg und schien die Sonne. Es war immer noch kalt, natürlich; besonders mit der Wind. Die monochromatische Monate werden hier kurz sein.

But by lunch the snow was gone and the sun was shining. It was still cold, of course; especially in the wind. The monochromatic months will be here soon.

Polar Vortex

The news has been making a big deal out of the polar vortex, and though the temperatures are cold here (it was -6° F/-21.1° C this morning when I took my daughter to school), it’s not been much worse than that.

Oh, it also dumped the first real snow on us down here at the lower elevations.  The mountains have been getting snow already for a couple of months now, though not consistently.  But we’ve been spared most of that until now.

Despite not liking the cold that comes with it, snow is really pretty to photograph.  So the other night, I took some photos of the snow on a tree outside our apartment.

 photo IMG_6004_zpsad61a545.jpg

 photo IMG_6005_zpsa617f8a6.jpg

 photo IMG_6006_zps8a4277ac.jpg

 photo IMG_6009_zps70f71ead.jpg

 photo IMG_6010_zps1e10c6d4.jpg

 photo IMG_6012_zpsca4b7487.jpg

 photo IMG_6013_zps4ac7cd2b.jpg

These last two were taken with the macro setting on the camera, and I realized that by being a control freak (ie setting all the camera settings manually), I was missing out on a range of ISO settings I never knew about. Wow, experimentation time!