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Colorado Sunset

Setzend die Farbe in “Buntes Colorado”.


Monument Pass


Last Thursday some bad weather was rolling in as I drove to work. To get to Denver from Colorado Springs, you have to go over Monument Pass. The summit of Monument Pass is over 7300 ft (2225m) in elevation; the weather up there is often weird. It also sort of corrals weather to one side or the other.

Fog was rolling in as I crossed over the summit and the snow was blowing from the north, which gave that side of the trees a bit of frosting.

Coal Train — BNSF 6015


BNSF 6015, a GE ES44AC, has featured here on my blog before a couple of times. In fact, it was the first engine I shot after we moved to Colorado Springs a couple of years ago.

Here it is at the front of a coal train in Larkspur paired up with BNSF 5679, an old GE AC4400CW that’s seen better days it seems. This section of track levels out just after a relatively steep climb, and the long train strings out around the bend and down the hill. It would be awesome to photograph that someday.

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