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Death of Courtesy

Initially, I was going to ask “What happened to the courtesy wave?” as a “Commuting Conundrum” post. You know the one: when people go out of their way to let you into their lane, you toss a hand up to say “thanks”. Yeah, almost no one does that any more.

But it’s bigger than that. Not content to simply let courtesy fall neglected by the wayside, we’ve waited for it to fall over and then we’ve savagely beat it to a bleeding gelatinous pulp. People take advantage of courteousness without a second thought: I can’t even count the number of times I’ve let someone in and then they slow down and instantly make me regret it.

Like this:

Had I known this idiot was going to block two lanes of traffic, and hold up all the other people trying to make the left, I probably wouldn’t have let her in.

But, it’s said, two wrongs don’t make a right. And as long as they didn’t put me into any danger, I normally let it go — it’s really not worth getting worked up over. And since I like my job — the reason I’m commuting again in the first place — dealing with the rude, self-absorbed and entitled general populace isn’t going to go away. Someone has to take the high road.


In Which I Address Some Fools

In my wife’s post, An Open Letter to the Citizens of Trinidad, Colorado, I stated very clearly I wouldn’t tolerate indecent and discourteous posts. It’s an appalling testament to public education how few people understand what this means. Parenthetically, Emily Post must weep if that’s what passes for courtesy nowadays. This post is like a Director’s Cut; I’ve decided to give you all a glimpse behind the scenes. This is a glimpse of how I would likely respond if it weren’t for my unparalleled reason and good grace:

The problem with saying something about which you know nothing is how ridiculous you look. I understand via some comments I received that have heretofore gone unpublished that the zealots of Miner Pick feel I was censoring their comments. Now, this simply isn’t true.

You see, some people make such ludicrous and asinine statements that I would never want such comments to languish in a mere comment pool. These statements deserve to be made fun of in a whole post. It’s not censorship; it’s preferential treatment! So at the risk of relishing my role as pariah to people I couldn’t care less about and whose opinions don’t matter at all to me, let’s ease into this, shall we?

to me this blog is just as biased as miner pick –John Diemer

Thanks for such a piercing observation, John! You see, in the same comment in which I stated that I wouldn’t tolerate discourteous comments, I also stated that this forum served as equal time. Since it’s apparent that English isn’t your primary language, let me explain to you what that means. It means that there are already enough avenues in your toxic little cesspool where blaming the victim is the policy and the accepted message. My stating that this forum is equal time should have been the clue to you that I wasn’t interested in being unbiased.

You see, I am biased. I’m biased against people who refuse to even examine or hear out a view point that’s different than their own pet views. I’m biased against child molestation and the people that commit such acts. Until recently my own daughter was in that school district, and you can be damn sure that a scathing blog post would be the least of your problems if a teacher ever wrote anything like that in her yearbook. And there would be actual, literal blood spilled if a teacher touched her.

So, yeah. You could say I’m biased.

Oh ya…and let’s not talk about getting facts straight. You told [redacted] you were going to prove it with police reports and so forth, well little [redacted] has some nice police reports that can come out too and a whole binder on her husband.

It’s not about [redacted]? Well you sure did mention his name and brought up [redacted]! You are just as crazy as her! Get a life! Are you looking for the same kind of attention that [redacted] is? If you two little girls felt violated, then you should have brought it up back then. You must have enjoyed the attention. And don’t be telling me what kind of person [redacted] is because I know him a lot better than you. And saying his living in a small pond, well so are you honey. If anyone is pathetic, it’s YOU! Starting this site and going on and on about something that is over with. Why don’t you work on trying to get that long legged, small waisted figure back because you are anything but that!

[redacted] you know what your talking about.

Good response! Wendi is just as crazy as [redacted]!

You were the parent, why did you keep it hidden all these years? If my daughter told me about this I would have went straight to the police and how many other people has your daughter accused of doing this? Including family members on your side? Sorry your daughter is mentally I’ll and has issues and married one of her own kind!


Dear god, what a travesty of punctuation and good grammar this lady’s comments are. I would weep for the death of grammatical wellbeing on display here. The breathless run-on sentences in which a lot of words are being used in quick succession to camouflage the fact that nothing of value is being added to the conversation and the only thing this person has to say is personal insults because coming up with facts is too difficult and yes this is a run on sentence and yes I’m making fun of you. I’m! Also! Making! Fun! Of! Your! Over! Use! Of! Exclamation! Points! When you have something of value to add to a conversation, you can merely state it. Exclamation points reveal how desperate for attention you truly are. And a freebie for you, AP: the word your is possessive; you wanted you’re.

If you wish to insult me and my wife, at least have the decency to do it in a grammatically correct format. I already don’t take you people seriously and your inarticulate responses don’t help.

Bull shit i know [redacted] very well and can tell you that is not his have writing, I wonder if crazy [redacted] set you up to do this

I think it’s funny how all this comes out when the district is getting fixed. [redacted] stuck up for [redacted] with the court case and now this. I don’t trust her at all. I know she slashed her tires, and blamed it on [redacted]. She can deny it but I have proof

Is it kinda weird you decided to “come” out as soon as [redacted] was gonna sur the district, right after she praised [redacted] during the concussion investigation. Something is fishy here. I had a sister there that played bball and she said all the teachers and coached were very respectful. So Wendi and [redacted] plz get your money and leave

–Sam aka Unanimous

I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and I think ole Sam here actually meant anonymous – which means without any name acknowledged – and not unanimous – which means in complete agreement.

Now, I already spoke to the ESL types and those that blatantly hate good communication skills and proper use of the language (never mind there are red squiggly lines in the comment box that are designed to draw your attention to words so mangled the autocorrect algorithm can’t figure out what you’re trying to say). So with Unanimous-must-mean-Anonymous-turns-out-to-be-Sam, I just want to point out that thinking before you speak might benefit you in the future. I mentioned in the original post that I was logging IP-addresses; and while I knew none of you would know what that meant, I can only conclude that when you made your comments as Sam, you must’ve forgotten your previous comments as Unanimous.

And correction: Miner Pick is a haven for those who hold ALL views on the matter. I don’t select/delete/censor, Don’t get it twisted, Matt. –Bonnie [Felthager]

Can you all forgive me for my contemplating the idea of hoarding all this comedy gold for myself?

Ahem… drumroll please, Maestro.

DO you really think that I don’t have my own copies of said documents and police reports? We also have the posts you made referring to myself and [redacted]’s so-called unresolved childhood issues. Ironic isn’t it? Considering your open letter, I’d say keep YOUR issues to yourself, and don’t be so quick to transfer onto others, those that remain unresolved in YOUR life. Textbook characteristic of someone who truly does have their own problems, but don’t ever assume you know my upbringing. Period.

I notice that my comment to [redacted] is still “awaiting moderation”. I am not particularly interested as to whether or not you approve that for publishing, but I’ve been trying to get ahold of [redacted] for quite some time and DO request that should you not publish my comment, DO encourage her to call me. Actually, whether you realize it right now or not, you owe it to her. Thanks.


–Bonnie Felthager

I’m amused at the arm-chair psychology. It pained me to redact the name used in the first comment because that was a pretty good grammatical stain too. I also quite literally laughed at your presumption that I owe anyone anything. I already explained to you why I don’t owe you anything; I’m not your post service. Your presumption there is eclipsed by your also pointless comment:

Actually, Miner Pick IS present in this conversation, but interestingly enough — only as an observer, Miner’s actual submitted comment’s weren’t allowed, but Bonnie’s were. Ironic…or,is it?

–Miner Pick aka Bonnie Feltager

Your overuse of the phrase (and its derivations) “Ironic, isn’t it?” show that you are unfamiliar with irony and what it actually is. Again, with the bad grammar and ignoring my warning that I logged IPs. It’s apparent that none of you continued learning after whatever passed for your education. Of course, how dare I presume to judge an intellect capable of this:

CORRECTION: This was neither a criminal OR civil hearing. It was a hearing to determine whether [redacted] should be bound by restraint from contact with the alleged victim. The case was dismissed.
–Bonnie [Felthager]

Obviously, you attempted to pass the bar like Frank Abignale Jr. Except he actually passed the bar exam. A matter in the court is either criminal or civil. If you hadn’t become so greedy or found yourself so enraptured with the sound of your own voice and stopped before the NEEDLESSLY CAPITALIZED CONJUNCTION. But you did become greedy and enraptured with the sound of your squawking self that you once again exposed the level of your ignorance.

The restraining order case against Randy Begano was a civil case, and the case wasn’t dismissed. The ruling simply wasn’t in favor of the plaintiff (that’d be the one asking for the restraining order, Council). I realize shooting off your mouth is your only contribution to society, but perhaps you should do it with a little more understanding of the topic next time. That’s a no-charge tip.

Interesting, why was the REPLY button deactivated on your last post, Wendi? If you think I’ll just be quiet, remember, my forum BY FAR has a larger readership than yours, and I WILL publish any and ALL comments made here over there. That, my dear, you have NO control over
–Bonnie [Felthager]

Oh, dear. Once again, you managed to show to world just how blatantly foolish and ignorant you are. You couldn’t see the reply button because you weren’t on a screen big enough to see it. And you did what appears to be what you always do: shot your mouth off without bothering to check the facts. For reference, the screen resolution on my notebook is 1360 x 768; on the tablet, it’s 1920 x 1080. This screenshot clearly shows the relevant reply button:


Of course, the best argument you made for your view was:

–Bonnie [Felthager]

To which I have no response because that sort of articulates your position nicely.

Interestingly, in response to the death of a llama unfortunate enough to find itself loose in the civilized town of Trinidad, Co, comments made by one Bonnie Felthager were as follows:


Animal cruelty is certainly wrong, so I can’t disagree with you there. But I suppose it would be too heavy handed to point out your blatant and unrepentant hypocrisy. It’s not okay to treat the victims of animal cruelty wrong and those people should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law; but it’s okay to bully, harass, and mistreat victims of institutionally-sanctioned sexual impropriety and expect to seem reasonable, rational and sane?

To what depths of utter depravity do you have to sink to think this is okay?

I’ll wrap up my behind-the-scenes look at the thought process that goes into writing and maintaining a blog and dealing with the unwashed masses who have an outrage and an internet. It’s typically my policy not to engage the unarmed in a battle of wits.

As for the Trinidad School District and those that support it: I don’t have a dog in this particular fight. My daughter thankfully doesn’t go to school in Trinidad. It’s quite a contrast to Trinidad that in most other areas not in the dark ages, sexual predators are arrested and sent to jail where they belong while Trinidad puts them on the payroll and citizens protect them.

It is not advisable to venture opinions. You should spare yourself the embarrassing discovery of their exact value to your listener.

–Francisco D’Anconia