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Colorado Springs Skyline

Letztes Wochenende habe ich einem kurzen Fahrradausflug gemacht. Zehn Meilen entlang die Ostseite der Luftwaffe-Akademie bei die Autobahn am Nordtor. Ich habe dort herumgedreht, und dieses Foto habe ich gemacht. Linkerhand ist Cheyenne-Berg fern süd, dann schneebedeckter Pikes Peak, und schließlich rechtsseitig ist der Luftwaffe-Akademie Schülerkomplex. Von Süd bis Nord da ist die Westseite Colorado Springs.

Last weekend I did a short bike ride: 10 miles along the east side of the US Air Force Academy next to the freeway to North Gate. I turned around there and took this photo. On the left side is Cheyenne Mountain, far south; then snow-capped Pikes Peak, and finally on the right side is the Air Force Academy student complex. South to north, the west side of Colorado Springs.


Bike Ride: USAFA


Despite my intense dislike for Colorado Springs-area cyclists, I have found that I do enjoy riding my bike. We don’t live very far from a couple of different trail heads along the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail; and one of those trail heads is the north end of that trail, but the south end of the New Santa Fe Regional Trail.

The New Santa Fe Regional Trail parallels Interstate 25 (which allows me to occasionally ride to work) and cuts through the US Air Force Academy. It also runs along the railroad tracks, so sometimes I take my camera with me when I don’t plan on making a particularly long ride. If I ride to the north gate of the USAFA, it’s about a 20-mile round trip. And I took these pictures along that section of trail.

Looking down a rather steep embankment, I saw this doe grazing in the shade:

When deer in the city are common, there’s nothing particularly special about seeing them in relative wilderness; however, (not to get too preachy or anything) I simply cannot not appreciate nature’s beauty when I see it.

Fahrräder an der Wanderweg


Diese Fahrräder liegen entlang die Fahrradwanderweg hinter ein Fahrradgeschäft. Sie haben keine Fahrradmäntel, und sie sind relativ alt Fahrräder. Sie sind eine lustige Ergänzung zu die Fahrradwanderweg.

These bikes sit along the bike trail behind the bike shop. They have no tires, and they’re relatively old bikes. They’re a fun addition to the bike trail.

Die Meditationpunkt

Die anderen Tag nahm ich meine Kamera und ging für Radfahren. Dieser Fluss ist entlang den Weg zur Amt. Wann ich mit meine Fahrrad ich zur Arbeit fahre, stellt es friedliche Meditationpunkt bereit.

The other day I took my camera out with me on a bike ride. This river is along my way to work. When I ride my bike to work, it provides a peaceful meditation point to focus on.

Keine Züge

Ich hatte etwas Freizeit dem anderer Nachmittag. Meine Frau hob unsere Tochter von Schule auf, und mein Boss wollte nach Hause früh zu gehen, so sie warf uns von die Amt hinaus. Ich wollte etwas Bilder von Züge zu machen, und mit Fahrrad fahren. Alle die Zugbilder ich hatte bisher, waren Gelegenheitsziele entlang meine Pendelstrecke. Seit wir zurück zu Colorado Springs bewegte, ich wollte, nähe die Eisenbahnstrecken für Fotos von Züge zu sitzen. Das war meine Chance.

Ich fuhr mit meine Rad entlang die Eisenbahnstrecken, bis ich einen Platz mit guten Blickpunkt fand.

Dann wartete ich.

Und wartete.

Schließlich sah ich diesen Eisenbahnstreckeninstandhaltungpickup und wusste, gäbe es würde keine Züge für eine Weile sein.

I had some free time the other afternoon. My wife was picking up our daughter from school, and my boss wanted to go home early so she kicked us out of the office. I wanted to get some pictures of trains and get out and ride my bike. All the photos I’d had of trains so far had been targets of opportunity along my commute. Since we moved back to Colorado Springs, I had wanted to go sit near the tracks and get photos of trains. This was my chance.

I rode my bike along the tracks until I found a place with good visibility.

Then I waited.

And waited.

Eventually I saw this railroad maintenance pick up truck and knew, there would be no trains for a while.

An Explanation of the Increase of Cyclist Fatalities

An article in the Washington Post recently discussed a rise in cyclist fatalities that’s causing concern among safety boffins. Per the article, cyclist fatalities have risen from 621 national incidents in 2010 to 722 in 2012, a 16% increase.

Yet the article begins by pointing out that cycling is on the rise, particularly among urban commuters. Well, it stands to reason that the more cyclists there are out on the road, the higher the fatality rates will be. The more cyclists there are, the higher the odds of an incident resulting in a fatality become.

But that probably doesn’t account for the whole rise, I agree. And I suspect I know where the difference is: The difference is in the fact that there are now more cyclists breaking the law and getting a graphic lesson in physics.

A good number of cyclists think they are above the law, not only the traffic law, but above the laws of physics as well, as if hideous Lycra shorts and godawful day glow, branded shirts suspend kinematics. I’ve seen cyclists not stop at stop signs, which is bad; but I’ve also seen them not bother to stop at stop lights. At major intersections.  Last year, I personally nearly sent one pureed into the afterlife when he failed to stop at a stop sign crossing an interstate off ramp.  That’s right, I had the right of way and didn’t have to stop (so of course, I wasn’t going to); and had I been a worse driver, he would have been tire tread filler.

And this is just in the small sampling of cyclists I get to see on only my drives. Now, the cyclist douchebaggery that I see is the minority behavior; most cyclists I see on my drives have a healthy sense of well being. But multiply those acts of disregard for a sense of survival across the country, and it’s easy to see that this trend fits into the overall framework of more cyclists equal more fatalities.

To be fair, I’m well aware that not all cyclists involved in physics lessons with vehicles provoked it. I’ve seen plenty of inattentive drivers wander into the bicycle lane, and this infuriates me when I see it. Because on one hand, I ride in the bike lane when there is one and so does my daughter. And anyone who uses the bike lane when there is one should be able to do so without fear that he’ll get creamed by some derptastic driver taking a selfie and posting a status update on Twitter.

I can’t understand such a low level of egotistical intellect that allows people to use their cars and their phones at the same time. It’s utterly unforgivable to be piloting a vehicle when you’re not fully engaged in that activity.  Most people are complete crap at just the act of driving; nothing has ever indicated they should engage in another activity while driving, yet they do.  All the time.  It’s unfathomable.

However, drivers are automatically blamed for hitting cyclists, and like my contempt for the Look Twice campaign, I think this is ludicrous. Cyclists should be ticketed for traffic infractions with penalties just as stiff as those for cars because they’re ignoring the generally agreed upon traffic statutes.

However, those cyclists who violate traffic laws and flaunt the laws of physics are going to do it regardless. So perhaps the rising number of cyclist fatalities is just Darwinism at work.