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The Ducks Under The Bridge

Today I have more pictures from last Saturday. Under the pedestrian bridge over the river but before the shortest waterfall in the world there were some ducks. The ducks casually rode the current down the river.

It was interesting to watch the ducks conserve energy and use the current. It’s clever of nature. These ducks seemed to be very happy: it was not cold, the sun was out. They had their duck families together. It looked peaceful.

 photo IMG_6540_zpse6c88291.jpg

 photo IMG_6539_zps70ba340d.jpg

I think that only Humans try to bend Nature to their will. Other animals are at peace with their nature. Who says people are the smartest?

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Die Enten

Some ducks swimming in Bear Creek.  I didn’t get many good shots of them, several were blurry.  At times a male and the female were swimming side by side in one of those moments that would look super-saccharine if you didn’t know anything about ducks.  But I wasn’t able to capture those since the ducks didn’t take any direction very well.

 photo IMG_5935_zps60280af9.jpg

 photo IMG_5937_zps65701e38.jpg

 photo IMG_5940_zpsa650058b.jpg

 photo IMG_5936_zps7768b081.jpg