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Colorado Springs Police Officer Hits Pedestrian

I’ve mentioned before that I think very little of first responders: police, firefighter, and ambulance drivers. This is a group of highly-entitled people particularly convinced of their own superiority, and full-on believers of their own press. They think they’re heroes simply by the nature of their jobs. The incompetence is maddening and mostly pervasive.

Since the law dictates the mortals get out of their way when they’re on the road, they have no driving ability. Just yesterday, I watched an ambulance driver essentially bully his way through an intersection. And then I came home to find this story in the Colorado Springs Gazette: Woman hit by police cruiser while crossing downtown Colorado Springs street.

Way. To. Go.

The reason this sort of thing infuriates me isn’t a product of an attitude against authority. These people should be held to a higher standard. I should be able to look to the members of the police or fire departments and think they’re professionals. But they’re not. And it’s this attitude despising incompetence that causes me to have such a low opinion of first responders.

I understand accidents happen. But I’m paying attention. I’ve seen ambulance drivers cut off people and do utterly stupid things on the road. I’ve been one of the ones cut off by an AMR driver who doesn’t understand how to drive. I’m paying attention on the roads, and I’ve seen many idiotic and dangerous acts of stupidity by people sporting “fire fighter” plates. It’s obvious they’re incompetent.

They’re certainly setting examples, but they don’t seem to know or care that it’s not the one they think they’re setting.




Yesterday while hiking around Pulpit Rock, we saw a grass fire burning. It was pretty far away, and we weren’t in any danger, so I snagged a couple of photos.

We called the fire department, but they had already dispatched a crew.

Burn Scar

The fire in Waldo Canyon held seige to the city of Colorado Springs int the Summer of 2012. For almost a month the fire burned. Houses in the city burned. That was discouraging for those of us watching.

I was prepared to evacuate my house because the fire was close to it. The office where I worked was in the evacuation zone. I couldn’t even go to work.

That was a few years ago. Now the hills show the scar from the fire. Trees which burned in the fire look naked. It’s a sad reminder, like a specter that watches over the city below.

 photo IMG_7698_zps5gqq5lra.jpg

 photo IMG_7693_zps1sbvim7i.jpg

 photo IMG_7708_zpsrkmvexjx.jpg

 photo IMG_7694_zpsmxrtqkvm.jpg

 photo IMG_7703_zpsesxglst5.jpg

 photo IMG_7710_zps9zvdrnts.jpg

Despite the trauma to the city and its inhabitants, life finds a way. The fire isn’t the end. The fire is only the beginning.

 photo IMG_7697_zps7oorxyfl.jpg

Sie können es lesen auf Deutsch.

Die Flammen

In Englisch.

Heute habe ich Bilder von Flammen. Flammen sind sehr schön zu fotografieren. Leute sind Feuer zu bezaubern, und bin ich auch. Feuer kann uns warmhalten. Aber auch kann es zerstören.

Im Stadt Colorado Springs war das Feuer von Waldo Canyon. Meine Arbeit war für ein paar Tage geschlossen weil war das Feuer sehr nahe das Amt. Mein Haus liegt nur ein bisschen weiter. Rauch habe den Himmel aufgefüllt. Viele Leute habt ihren Häuser ausgeleert.

 photo WP_000132_zpsbd867be0.jpg

 photo WP_000145_zps8c570bd2.jpg

 photo WP_000146_zps0d9be7a0.jpg

Aber Feuer für Grillen ist toll. Mein Vater grillt sehr gut. Die Bilder sind von ein Feuer für Grillen.

 photo 20121020031_zpsee7486a9.jpg

 photo 20121020018_zps760423aa.jpg

 photo 20121020025_zpse5bc20fe.jpg

 photo 20121020015_zps17658e05.jpg

 photo 20121020014_zps50ab0eae.jpg

Danke, Wolke. Du hast mir von diese Bilder erinnert.