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Russian Sage


Gone To Seed


I try to get ahead of these posts by at least a week; so I wind up writing a few at a time, scheduling them, and trying to have some variation. When I initially considered this post with these gone to seed flowers, the day they would have been published was my birthday. I really didn’t want people reading anything into that.

Also, I couldn’t figure out from mein Wörterbuch how to translate “Gone to Seed” into German. I know my German is pretty bad anyway, but sometimes I recognize that what I want to say outweighs my meager abilities in this fascinating new language. I’m sure one of my awesome German-speaking readers will help me out, as you always do. (Thanks for your patience as I slaughter your language… and sorry ’bout that).

I realize that none of the text really has anything to do with the photos. The text serves as a couple of questionably-amusing anecdotes on the thought process here. I did these photos in black and white as well, so keep a look out for those!



Or are these blooming weeds? I guess, to me, it doesn’t really matter. I don’t know much (read: anything, really) about flowers, so I wouldn’t even know where to start with identifying them. They put on a nice display in the early summer. Taking flowers gives me an opportunity to play a bit with the depth of field.

I think these are some kind of thistle, and my wife tells me they’re an invasive plant. I caught a couple of different blooms in different stages:



As we’ve walked along the Front Range Trail, I’ve been keeping an eye out for photo opportunities. Since the Colorado Joint Line runs along Monument Creek (and therefore the trail), I’ve been keeping an eye out for great train photo places. But there’s so much to photograph along the trail, and down in a shaded section of the trail these dandelions made for great subjects.

Die Blumen Meiner Schwiegermutter

Ich weiß nicht, der Typ diese Blumen sind. Meine Schwiegermutter hat ein paar Pflanzen in ihrem Garten. Die Pflanzen haben diese wunderschöne Blumen.

I don’t know what type of flowers these are. My mother in law has a couple of plants in her front yard, and they have these beautiful flowers.

Die Biene im Blumen

Eine spätsaison Biene fliegt unter die Blumen an Abhängegarten. Wir gingen da letzte Wochenende, die Zeit totschlagen. Aber auch Fotos zu knipsen.

A late-season bee flies among the flowers at the Hillside Gardens. We went there mostly to kill some time, but also to take some photos.

Schmetterlingspavillon (Teil 3)

Warum hat der Schmetterlingspavillon ein Areal für Seegeschöpfe, ich weiß es nicht. Aber es tut. Schon hat Denver ein Aquarium, und es ist sehr cool. So ist das Seegeschöpfeareal am den Schmetterlingspavillon scheint ein bisschen zwecklos.

Es gibt ein Streichelzooareal für ein paar die Seegeschöpfe, wie die Seesterne. Doch ich denke, dass meistens die Kinder wiederkennen nur, was haben sie gesehen in “Finding Nemo”. Und ich denke auch, dass Leute kommen zur Schmetterlingspavillon für Schmetterlinge, nicht Fische.

Aber Seegeschöpfe sind auch mir interessant. In der Tat, Wendi und ich haben das Aquarium berücksichtigt, mit die Mädchen zu besuchen.

Why the Butterfly Pavilion has an area for sea creatures, I don’t know. But it does. Denver already has a pretty cool Aquarium. So the sea creatures area seems a little pointless.

There is a petting zoo for a few of the sea creatures, like a starfish. Though I think most of the kids only recognize what they’ve seen in Finding Nemo. And I also think that people come to the Butterfly Pavilion for butterflies, not fish.

But sea creatures are interesting to me. In fact, instead of the Butterfly Pavilion, Wendi and I considered taking the girls to the Aquarium.







An der Schmetterlingspavillon es gibt ein paar die Blumen sehr schön. Mit die Schmetterlinge und die Blumen, es ist sehr schwer zu kennen, was zu fotografieren.

At the Butterfly Pavilion there are a few very beautiful flowers. Between the flowers and the butterflies, it’s difficult to know what to photograph.