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Gone To Seed


I try to get ahead of these posts by at least a week; so I wind up writing a few at a time, scheduling them, and trying to have some variation. When I initially considered this post with these gone to seed flowers, the day they would have been published was my birthday. I really didn’t want people reading anything into that.

Also, I couldn’t figure out from mein W├Ârterbuch how to translate “Gone to Seed” into German. I know my German is pretty bad anyway, but sometimes I recognize that what I want to say outweighs my meager abilities in this fascinating new language. I’m sure one of my awesome German-speaking readers will help me out, as you always do. (Thanks for your patience as I slaughter your language… and sorry ’bout that).

I realize that none of the text really has anything to do with the photos. The text serves as a couple of questionably-amusing anecdotes on the thought process here. I did these photos in black and white as well, so keep a look out for those!