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So-Called Professionals

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife employee that parked this truck was carrying a sidearm. Never mind the fact that the only reason a parks and wildlife employee should be armed is as a representative of an oppressive, authoritarian, fascist government, let’s ask an even more fundamental question:

If he couldn’t hit a target as large as a parking space with his truck, why should I have any confidence in his ability to properly use his sidearm?



Wahl 2016: der Skorpion und der Frosch

Diese Geschichte fasst unsere Optionen als Wähler…

Ein Skorpion fragte einen Frosch, “Herr Frosch, darf ich an Ihren Rücken rüber diesen Fluss reiten? Sie können schwimmen sehr gut, aber ich kann nicht.”

Der Frosch war nicht dumm. Er sagte, “Es tut mir leid, Herr Skorpion, nein. Sie sind ein Skorpion. Sie würden mich stechen, und ich würde sterben.”

“Nein, nein, Herr Frosch,” erwiderte der Skorpion. “Warum würde ich das tut? Ich würde im Fluss ertrinken. Als ich schon gesagt, ich kann schwimmen nicht gut.”

“Wahr,” antwortete der Frosch widerwillig, “das ist so.” Er dachte einen Moment, dann sagte, “Versprochen mir, Sie mich stechen werden nicht?”

“Ich verspreche,” sagte der Skorpion.

Der Frosch erlaubte den Skorpion auf sein Rücken zu klettern. Dann begann er rüber dem Fluss zu schwimmen. Wann die Paar nahe zu die Mitte dem Fluss war, fühlte der Frosch der Giftstachel des Skorpion in sein Rücken. Er sagte mit sein letzte Atemzüge, “Warum würden Sie das tun? Jetzt werden wir beide sterben! Wie können Sie mir so etwas antun?”

“Doch Herr Frosch, wie können Sie nur so arglos sein?” Der Skorpion antwartete. “Warum sind Sie überrascht? Sie kennten, dass ich ein Skorpion war, wann Sie mich zu nehmen zu stimmten, vor wir abgefahren. Sicher kennten Sie, dass zu stechen meine Natur ist.”

Election 2016: the Scorpion and the Frog

This story sums up our options as voters:

A scorpion asked a frog, “Mr. Frog, can I ride on your back across this river? You can swim very well, but I can not.”

The frog was not stupid. He said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Scorpion, no. You’re a scorpion. You would sting me, and I would die.”

“No, no, Mr. Frog,” replied the scorpion. “Why would I do that? I would drown in the river. As I already said, I can not swim well.”

“True,” answered the frog reluctantly, “that is so.” He thought a moment, then said, “Promise me you will not sting me?”

“I promise,” said the scorpion.

The frog allowed the scorpion to climb on his back. Then he began to swim across the river. When the pair was near middle of the river, the frog felt the sting of the scorpion in his back. He said with his last breaths, “Why would you do that? Now we will both die! How can you do this to me?”

“But, Mr. Frog, how can you be so naive?” the scorpion replies. “Why are you surprised? You knew I was a scorpion when you agreed to take me, before we set out. Surely, you knew that to sting is my nature.”

Apple versus die Schutzstaffel

More than half of Americans are utter and complete idiots. Of course, we knew this already because Obama is president (elected twice, even!). Now, the FBI has squared off against Apple in a Public Relations war so as not to appear as the Evil Big Government’s Schutzstaffel they clearly are. And Americans, mostly democrats (of course), are willing to surrender their protection against search and seizure to the Feds.

I, personally, don’t like Apple as a company, and I don’t like their products. And (I’m aware of the sacrilegious nature of this statement) I’m not even a fan of or enamored by Steve Jobs — if his products were really that good, they wouldn’t need a Fort Knox-like protective barrier around their sleek, slim designs. So, yes, I think Apple is ridiculous. But the stance they’ve made on this issue is the right one. It’s not surprising the Federal Government has made a policy of overstepping its constitutional authority. That’s not news, but it doesn’t make it illegal for them to do so.

The articles linked to above are about the public’s perception, and it doesn’t say exactly what was asked. I’m curious what the same people would say if the question were phrased: Do you think Apple should hand over your personal data to the FBI?

Now, I understand, that may not change the percentages very much. I’ve already pointed out (with supporting evidence) that many Americans are scheißdumm. But that personalizes the issue, and here’s how: What’s to keep the FBI from labeling you a terrorist and ransacking your personal life? Granted, they can do this now, I get it; but they at least have to pretend to have cause.

The Federal Government and it’s various Schutzstaffeln have the means to brute force the technology currently; they want Apple’s help to make it easier, because the gimme-gimme-gimme mentality is pervasive in this country. But if Apple were to give in to this, they would be sending a clear message to the public that they don’t value the privacy of their customers. Plain and simple. For that reason alone, they should stay the course. We already know we can’t trust the Federal Government with technology. Once they have the ability to side load invasive software on one phone, they’ll do it where ever they please (fourth amendment be damned), and you’d be a fool to think otherwise.

Die Gedankenpolizei are here. Political Correctness and the Left’s war on freedom is but one front the Thought Police wage against the America they hate. Perversely, it’s the elitist media, those useful idiots of die Schutzstaffel, that are the biggest pushers of this crap. And the public has bought the lie wholesale. 1984 isn’t fiction; it’s here, it’s now. The last tie I read this, I wasn’t thinking of Soviet Russia — I was comparing it to our current Soviet America. It’s as if the Liberal Left looked at it, not as the warning against totalitarianism that it is, but as a How-To guide to implementing the Fascist State in which we currently live.

Random Political Musings

Hillary Clinton: “I don’t have horns
Well, then what’s your excuse? At least demons and devils are born as evil, conniving, despicable, traitorous liars. If you don’t have horns, that means you made the conscious decision to be an evil, conniving, despicable traitorous liar.

It’s The Economy, Stupid
When will government stooges quit messing with the economy. The economy will take care of itself if morons like Tom Wheeler would leave it alone. The blatant overreach and abuse of authority from any government bureaucrat is apparent in some stuffed suit with a vacancy sign between his ears asking private companies to explain themselves when they’re simply offering a service to their customers. These are economic incentives for people to use one service over another. To counter that, the industry doesn’t need oversight. Companies wishing to compete have to offer similar incentives that draw customers. Ignorant politicians and bureaucrats need to keep their meddling fingers out of… well, everything.

Can’t Trust Politicians?
I know that sounds like it comes straight out of the No Shit Sherlock file, and it really does. Apparently, the Sanders Campaign was caging Clinton voter data. It doesn’t really change my opinion of Sanders as a candidate though: I wouldn’t have voted for him before I found this out either.

For all their finger pointing, rhetoric, and buck passing, politicians sure seem united in their efforts to destroy our country.
I don’t rant much about politics anymore; it’s too exhausting. But since I’ve once again quit Facebook, I don’t really have anywhere else to vent.

Addressing A Fool

The other day, I got the following (unsolicited) letter from the member of Congress who is currently misrepresenting the district in which I live, Ed Perlmutter:

Office Lens_20150629_202535_processed

The following is my response that I sent to both his local and Washington DC offices:

Ed Perlmutter, Member of Congress:

I’m amused you think signing your form letter with “Member of Congress” affords you any courtesy, as if you’re someone from whom I’ve been waiting to hear.

Your breathless, insipid endorsement of the policies put forth by the administration currently making a mockery of our Constitution, irreparably and intentionally damaging any semblance of race relations in our country, as well as other inexcusable assaults on this supposed “place of liberty”, indicates to me that you’re too ignorant to understand the issues facing our country. Which, of course, means you’re drawn to the perceived control that you think comes along with a title like Congressman.

Regarding the specific assault from the Obama administration in its campaign to debilitate this country you mention, I don’t have the same naïve, vapid outlook about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals as you do. In fact, I appreciate the judges in the Fifth Circuit Court who are blocking the unconstitutional and unilateral actions of the One Who Would Be Dictator currently defiling the Oval Office. That court is defending our country against enemies such as yourself and your tin god. There have been laws in place to handle such matters as immigration. I don’t have sympathy for these people, the majority whom refuse to integrate while standing in defiance of the laws this country.

I don’t need lectures from people such as you about the fabric of our nation; you have twisted the cause and nature of immigration to such Dorian Gray proportions, this lunacy makes sense to you. Enough so that you’ll break out your cheerleader skirt and pom-poms and ask me to join you while you assist in actions that are blatantly unconstitutional. You’re a bad joke, Congressman.

I do think opportunities still exist in this country, but that time is short; and it is the actions of cowards like you who are actively shortening the lifespan of opportunity in America. If you want a pat on the back for your actions in destroying the country, there are plenty ignorant people out there who will likely give you the worship for which you’re desperate. Start with those who voted for you.

You’ll not find such simpering admiration here.


Some Advice To The Republicans

In yesterday’s elections across the country, the GOP managed to secure the Senate majority from a Democratic senate that had been marching in lock step with Obama’s agenda.  These same hypocrites fled Obama’s presence while campaigning because even then they could sense the upheaval, as if the public would forget these dim-witted puppets did a great job of selling America down the river at the behest of the Golfing One.

Republicans, here’s some ice-cold truth to splash on your post-victory party hangovers:  This country didn’t vote for you, they voted against your opponents.  Do not mistake your winning your respective seat as a mandate from the people.  It is a condemnation of the policies of an egotistical megalomaniac who last thought that he had mandate from the people.  In short:  Republicans, do not fuck this up.  Make the most of this victory.

The people have voted to place you in a position to stop the madness this self-aggrandizing little punk is peddling.  This is not the time to be John Boehner, a limp-wristed, hurt-faced pushover who can’t make a stand and represent the people.  This isn’t the time to be Mitch McConnell who’s spent so much time lip-locked to the contemptible Harry Reid that the two look like each other, as if they were some long-married couple.

Now is not the time to become Orwell’s pigs.  It’s not the time to become entrenched in the Washington Way, abandoning whatever small moral center exists in your beliefs and hopping right on board that gravy train, leaving all of us as bad or worse off as when our votes put you into office.

This is not an excuse to be more moderate; the country has voted against people willing to go along with our current mis-Administration.  We voted against moderation, so don’t make the mistake of going along to get things done.  If the Congress got nothing done in the next two years and there were no more laws-by-fiat from the Golfing One, we would all be better off than where we are now.  Be the brakes you were elected to be.  Be the voice of reason in the insanity stew that Americans are cursed to call their government.

Quit fighting with the Tea Party.  I understand that loud-mouthed ignorant blowhards like Glenn Beck have aligned themselves with the Tea Party in order to curry favor with those constituents and boost his own ratings.  But Beck doesn’t speak for the Tea Party (or anyone else besides himself).  The Tea Party exists because the GOP hasn’t been doing its job to put the brakes on the ridiculousness in Washington that’s spilling out and staining the rest of us.

I put forth the following novel concept:  Represent the people.  The people are sick of the status quo.  Do something about the country’s security.  Do something about the health scares.  Most of all, muzzle, inhibit, prohibit the America-hating egomaniac who’s golfing while Rome burns; be a pain in his ass and let him know he does not have a mandate from the people.  Do your jobs.

The Ballot Box Stash

I tried convincing my dad to come onboard as a more regular contributor, but he’s not convinced (yet). In the mean time, since voter fraud is a current topic of debate, I present, courtesy of my Pops, The Ballot Box Stash to the tune of The Monster Mash. Enjoy!

Inasmuch as today is Halloween, and next Tuesday is Election Day, I offer this parody of a Halloween favorite. It’s called, “The Ballot Box Stash” sung to the tune of “The Monster Mash” by Bobby “Boris” Pickett. (With apologies to same).

The Ballot Box Stash

I was working in the grave yard late one night,
When my eyes beheld an unusual sight.
The ground began rumbling, and I began to note,
Dead Democrats rising so they could go vote.

They did the Stash.
The Ballot Box Stash.
They did the Stash.
It caught on in a flash.
They did the Stash;
The Ballot Box Stash.

An ethereal gloom set in on the place,
as ectoplasmic goons got up in my face,
And proclaimed in disembodied voices mysteriously,
“We dead take our civic duties seriously…”


One by one the Democrats rose from the dead,
And to the courthouse they did head,
Until the last decomposed corpse jumped up from his coffin,
And said, “Whatever happened to ‘Vote Early,’ ‘Vote Often?’


I saw now that it was all part of the plan:
The dead voting “Democrat” all across the land.
And for you, the living, this warning is sent to;
When you get to the courthouse, tell them Boris registered you…


Thanks, Ken Reamy, for this amusing take on the holiday and the election.